Road Racing:

Merriam Websters definition: racing over public roads; especially : automobile racing over roads or over a closed course designed to simulate public roads.

“There are only three true sports, bull fighting, rock climbing and motor racing. The rest are merely games.”                                         

Ernest Hemingway

Bull fight? Really large, pissed off animal with sharp objects affixed to it’s head………. No thanks.

Rock climbing? I don’t do heights………

Motor racing? Ha Haaaaaaa!!!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!!

When I envision the first race, I’m thinking of two guys hanging out in the barn and ma want’s em to go to the market and pick up some vittles. So Pa and Jr. decide to make a game of it.  Pa takes the Stanely Steamer and Jr. jumps in his brand spanking new Model T and the race is on!!!! Over hill and over dale. Left turns AND right turns.

The Stanley Steamer wins……… I don’t care much for Fords…

I don’t believe NASCAR is racing. It’s merely entertainment. The only time you shift is while entering and exiting the pits. Gun the engine, hit the brakes, turn left……. Big whoop. There is a reason why 60 year old fat guys can still compete.

Do want to see something exciting? Try sitting at turn 5 at Road America while a pack of SuperBikes are coming at you at 190 mph trying to fight to be the first guy through the 90 degree left hander. Us road racers have a saying:

Wide open till you see God, then brake……

I say “Us road racers.” Yes, I did it. Yes, it was fun. No, I wasn’t good. My best finish was 8th. I wasn’t that bad for riding a 5 year old outdated Honda Hurricane. What a blast!!!!!

What will you see from me? MotoGP,World SuperBike, AMA SuperBike and the peripheral classes. F1 and Champ Cars. Porsche Cup, European Touring Cup and Austrailian Touring Cup.


I guarantee you’ll have a new respect for Volvos when I’m done with you.


I might comment a little about NASCAR on off weekends or when they’re stumbling laughingly around a road course.



10 Responses

  1. How is driving a “sport”?
    A quality competition, sure. It does require talent, but it doesn’t require athletic ability.

    rally is by far the best racing out there imo

  2. Look at the top road racing series around the world. These guys are in better shape than many so-called athletes. Endurance and strength and skill are the key. Motorcycle road racers have to horse a 300+ pound gyroscope in a direction it doesn’t necessarily want to go then straighten it out without getting tossed off. Timing needs to be precise. If you screw up you don’t get to go back to the dugout, you’re going to the hospital or to the morgue. Racing looks easy on TV. It’s anything but…

    Rally racing, Paris/Dakar…… Good stuff, just not my favorite. I’ll post on it.

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  4. Did I forget to mention G-forces????? Ask a fighter pilot about G force.

  5. (please don’t think i’m knockin’ it or you… just wanting your opinion on something i’ve always thought about racing… being our resident racing expert, i figured i’d ask. to continue:)

    i’m not disputing there are physical forces involved and the effect it has on your body. it requires talent and physical endurance to race, but that is not athletic talent. in addition, i’m not saying racers don’t have athletic talent… but that athletic talent isn’t used the actual process of racing.

    I’m going to equivocate another ‘sport’ that i have similar feelings to… skeet shooting. Shooters can say a steady hand and adjustment of forces are involved, but that doesn’t equate to athletic ability in my mind.

  6. Must go faster…..faster…..faster…..STOP! Yep, I see brick walls in my future. :/ NOT! 🙂

  7. Let’s do a battle of the network stars thing. If I had to bet on who would win between the skeet shooter, a baseball player and a roadracer, I’m taking the racer.

    How many breaks do you get in skeet shooting? In racing, the only break you get is in a straight. So you get to relax while you’re approaching 200mph for about 5 to 15 seconds. Hmmmmm. Try picking a different sport as a comparison….It’s not even close.

  8. ok… longer duration…. how about playing a wii while sitting in the hawaii chair?

    hawaii chair:

    it says it runs at 2800 rpm!

  9. You obviously have NASCAR in car cam syndrome. Check out WSB or MotoGP on Speed and get back to me. Go out and find a track that has a riding (racing) school and you’ll see what I mean. The physical stresses put on your body are brutal….

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