Latest On Jason Kidd Deal!

So lets recap the last week in Dallas media.. Kidd, Kidd, Kidd, Kidd, Kidd, Kidd, and oh yeah Kidd.. I am so friggin tired of hearing the Jason Kidd deal.. I’ve added updates here and there on the post I wrote the day this trade was announced.. Here are the latest developments..


Jason Kidd for the time being is still a New Jersey Net.. Kidd is in New Orleans for the All-Star game this weekend.. and has been asked about 400 thousand questions about this trade, his feelings on it being held up.. ect ect ect.. Kidd continues to comment.. “I would love to go back to Dallas, but if it doesn’t happen.. I will still be a Net and it will be time to get back to work on making it to the playoffs” For those of you who may not know this.. Jason Kidd was supposed to be a franchise Point Guard here in Dallas when we drafted him… As was Steve Nash.. Kinda ironic that the Mav’s have had 2 franchise Point Guards, and let them both go.. and now find themselves in search of a?? You guessed it.. a franchise Point Guard.. *shakes head*


Now we move along to Snag #1 Devean George.. I am still shaking my head on this one.. Brief looking into Devean George.. Drafted by the Lakers with the 23rd pick in the 1999 draft.. Somewhat serviceable player while with the Lakers.. Was a part of the Championship years.. Signed a two year deal with the Mavericks in 2006 with a *opt out option* in the offseason. Last offseason George and his agent decided to opt out of the contract, and George is once again a free agent.. testing the waters.. hoping to get a big contract elsewhere.. When the rest of the league showed little interest in signing George to the big contract he was in search of.. The Mavericks resigned him to a one year deal.. which included the *Larry Bird right* George is now a bench player that has seen limited playing time this year.. wanting more playing time.. George talks to Mavericks management about a trade.. *basically if your not going to play me, trade me* type conversation.. So when the Mavericks packed George in this trade they figured no problem.. George wants outta here anyway right? Wrong.. George threw the *no trade clause* out there and blocked the trade.. He does not want to be traded to the Nets, and be Vince Carters back up.. The night George blocks this trade.. he proceeds to go 0 for 11 in his 32 minutes on the floor.. YEAH way to go George… show teams around the league your greatness so you will get the big contract you so desperately want!! *shakes head* You were lucky to play with Kobe and Shaq in L.A. be thankful you have a ring or two.. now figure out your a spare.. and allow us to trade your EXPIRING contract.. If you think for one second the Mavericks have any interest in bringing you back next year.. You are truly special.. and should be riding the short bus!


Now on to Snag #2.. Jerry Stackhouse’s mouth!! When this trade was announced I was alittle bummed that Stack was part of it.. As the day went on, it was announced the Nets were going to buy out Stack’s contract.. and then release him.. After a 30 day waiver period if you will.. Stack could sign elsewhere.. or resign with the Mavericks.. SWEET! We could get Stack back! Now the problem.. After another GM hears the statement released by Stachouse’s agent the night the trade was announced, about getting 30 days off to rest his injury, and he would be back.. He crys foul to the league.. The league is now saying that the Mavericks are in violations of the *spirit of trade*, and feel the Mavericks have a preexisting deal with Stackhouse to return to them.. the league now says Stackhouse can not be part of this trade, and if he is.. He can not return to sign with the Mavericks!! *Shakes head* Way to go Stack!!

Mavericks management has not handled any part of this trade very well.. First they try and sneak the trade by George.. hoping he wouldn’t realize what was going on.. Which he didn’t.. his agent actually pointed the *Larry Bird* right out to George.. Then to have a deal in place with Stack, which you know they did.. and forget to remind him to keep his mouth shut.. Not good on the Mavericks part at all.. Now they have to make this deal work.. All the players that were involved in trade now know what the Mavericks organization thinks of them.. The players with expiring contracts now know they will not be resigned at the end of the season, and Devin Harris now knows that the Mavericks don’t think he is their franchise point guard.. The only chance they have if this deal doesn’t go thru.. is that Devin Harris will use this as fuel to get better.. Just like Tony Parker did for the Spurs when he was on the trading block for non other then Jason Kidd a few years ago.. That traded pissed Tony Parker off so much.. he evolved into the Spurs franchise point guard!!






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