Daytona 500

Not much happening yet in the racing world other than NASCAR so here’s the weekend recap of the 500…..

A bunch of not-so-stock cars turned left approximately 1000 times each…… Ryan Newman completed his 1000 left turns first and was declared the winner….

Yawn….I’m going to bed.


6 Responses


  2. agreed!!!

    (bring back the kickass ‘tick’ avatar!)

  3. Silent E must register his kick ass tick avatar!! lol

  4. MMMMkay…T.S. never emailed me the instructions and I don’t see where to add it in my profile. I’m not a computer ding bat but this one escapes me….. Okay, I’m a ding bat.

  5. I’ll email you later and tell you where to go E 🙂

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