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Well with the NFL officially in the offseason.. the rumor mill has started turning.. I ran across this article, I was shocked with a couple of names on this list.. Marvin Harrison for starters.. Chad Johnson is on this list as well.. but unless someone presents the Bengals with a *deal to good to refuse* the pre-madonna* wide receiver will remain in a Bengals uniform next season.. Donovan McNabb is also on this list.. I do look for him to be traded elsewhere in the offseason.. Now keep in mind while reading this list.. These players are still under contract.. With the exception of Alge Crumpler.. who was released by the Falcons last week.. Still not real sure why.. Crumpler has always been a solid tight end.. and in most seasons, led the team in receptions..

2 Responses

  1. maybe 2 of these will materialize:

    Donovan McNabb: see ya in baltimore… a 2nd and 3rd rounder should do it
    Jeremy Shockey: overrated… who cares? my money is on him staying
    Chad Johnson: i’ll believe it when i see it
    Kris Jenkins: not going anywhere
    Antwaan Randle El: who wants to trade for that overpriced contract? he’ll be back in washington
    Marvin Harrison: not happening ‘period’.
    Chris Simms: tb would accept a taco bell value meal for him… i expect him to be cut and signed as a backup
    Warrick Dunn: does that taco value meal come with the cinnamon twists?
    Muhsin Muhammad: even if the taco has spit in it
    Alge Crumpler: already cut by the falcons.

    the one left out is former longhorns great Roy Williams. I’d give up a cowboys #1 for him… I think detroit would do it too.

  2. I agree with McNabb.. can Baltimore get a value meal as well??

    I would give Detroit a 1st rounder for Roy.. Hell all they will do is use it to draft another receiver.. See last 5 drafts for examples! 😉

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