Thank God!

Jason kidd

Its official Jason Kidd is coming back to where it all started. The deal has been approved!! Its about damn time!! Keep points of interest in this trade..

-Jerry Stackhouse was not involved in the trade

-Keith Van Spare is no longer going to be on the Mavericks payroll to lounge on the couch

-The Mavericks were able to unload a couple of expiring contracts.. and spares from the bench..

Avery will be under even more pressure to deliver a championship to Cuban in the aftermath of this trade.. Kidd is not a long term answer at the point guard position.. but he is most certainly a *Championship or Bust* answer for the next 2 seasons..


6 Responses

  1. did you know that his balls smell like a fresh can of tennis balls….most definitely

  2. You know.. ummm I really don’t want to know how you know this!!! 😉

  3. Not related to post but my neice was just born and here is my reaction when i 1st see her…

  4. Do you guys think that this move puts Dallas in serious championship contention now? Or do you think, like i’ve heard some people say, that Dallas traded for a good player but didn’t necessarily make themselves better than they were before (against teams in the west)

  5. Kidd is not the only piece the Mavs need.. There is word of another trade in the works to bring another big man in.. but this time.. the Mavs are being very tight lipped about who, and the details..

    I stand by my original statement.. this is a *Championship or Bust* move.. Without another big man, its will most certainly be a BUST move..

  6. the mavericks weren’t going to win the championship with the team they had… they won’t win the championship with the team they have now

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