Its Mock Draft Time

The draft is coming, and I am currently counting down the days until the living room becomes draft central for the weekend.. Draft on the big screen, laptop on hand, and a nice glass of Jameson on the rocks.. Is it draft weekend yet?? So who is the number one pick over all?? Does the tuna trade away his 1st round draft pick for multiple picks to rebuild a team in ruins?? Again I ask is it draft weekend yet?? all the mock drafts I have been looking at show a serious toss up for the 1st overall pick.. So who will it be??


Chris Long DE – Virginia



Darren McFadden RB – Arkansas



Glenn Dorsey DT – LSU

If the tuna keeps his draft pick.. my money is on Glenn Dorsey.. course the no brain pick a few years ago was the Texans to take Reggie Bush with the first pick over all.. and they take Mario Williams instead.. Merry Christmas Saints fans.. Is it draft weekend yet????

*EDIT* Day one of the NFL Combine is in the books.. No one player stands out in the crowd.. DAMN YOU NFL NETWORK!!!


6 Responses

  1. the obvious pick is chris long for miami, but if miami keeps the pick, i expect them to draft matt ryan…

  2. They burned a 1st round on Cleo Clemens last year.. I wouldn’t see why they would draft Matt Ryan

  3. ummm, no it was ginn jr! clemens is nothing… john beck (their 2nd rounder) couldn’t even sniff the field.

    matt ryan isn’t worth a #1 overall, but i’d take a shot if my scouts say this guy has franchise potential.

  4. Thats right, they took Guin last year.. was it the year before??

  5. If they keep the pick they will take either Howie’s boy, or Matt Ryan…I think the Jets or Raiders will get McFadden at 4 or 5…Jake Long will end up in Missouri one way or the other, as he will not slip past both KC, and STL

  6. Man I don’t know Sean.. Dorsey is a big bad Parcells type player.. McFadden will be a great addition no matter where he lands..

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