Champ Car/IRL To Merge???

Talks have been going on for some time now to merge the 2 top open wheel racing series in the United States and Canada. The Champ Car Series, formally known as CART was tossed into financial disarray when IRL founder, owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and über-dunce bucket supreme, Tony George, decided he couldn’t get enough of that left turning normally aspirated V8 NASCAR style racing. With Goerge’s financial backing, the IRL has sputtered along with it’s less than exciting open wheel action which included the Indy 500 CART went bankrupt but was later purchased by Gerald Forsythe, Dan Pettit and Paul Gentilozzi and is still around but has a limited following because most of the good drivers defected to the IRL camp for monetary purposes.

This merge will be a good thing although that most excellent sound of screaming turbocharged Cosworth engines will give way to the NASCAResque N.A. V8’s……. Oh well. You can’t have everything. Along with the IRL’s banal lefty venues, the new series will include Champ Car’s Long Beach, Edmonton and Surfers Paradise in Australia. More Champ Car tracks will be added in 2009. (Hopefully that includes Road America)

The IRL series is slated to start on March 29th at Homestead in Florida so let’s hurry up and get this thing done boys.


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