Work was a beating in every sense of the word today.. I will hopefully have an opinion on sports tomorrow 😦

4 Responses

  1. Snap too it bud! Letting work get in the way of my reading pleasure! Shame on you!


  2. we need an elvis nhl trade breakdown!!!

    (so i can rag on the nhl more)

  3. Rag away Liverdamage.. the Stars trade was another *Championship or Bust* move.. trading a great young player like Jussi, and a future franchise goalie like Mike Smith is STUPID!!! I guess the Stars forgot who has been there everytime Turco has a spell of stupid, and needs a few days rest.. I do not like this move at all.. I don’t care how good Richards is.. *shakes head*

  4. After consulting with Pat aka Demon (another hockey guru) he had the following to say about trade

    – He understands why they traded Jussi, he is great on power plays, and regular 5 on 5, but other aspects of his game have not developed..

    – He does not like the fact that the Stars gave up Smith, he does agree that Smith is a future franchise goalie.. Also offers some inside info.. (Smith was traded because he was getting ants in the pants sitting behind Turco, and welcomed the trade so he could become a starting goalie) he later added that he felt Smith, while a great young goalie is not ready to be a starter..

    Demon feels the Stars gave up to much to make this trade, but does welcome Richards to the team, because he is still young, and is a great player.

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