Another Stadium Bites The Dust

Wrigley Field

The naming rights to Wrigley are now for sale?? Is nothing sacred anymore?? I wonder who will be the highest bidder in the bidding war.. Viva Viagra Stadium?? 😉


8 Responses

  1. Say it isn’t so!!! Granted, I really do not care a lot about basebell, but come on. It is Wrigley Field!!! This just seems so wrong.

  2. I agreed.. It just proves that there is only one stadium in sports will not fall victim to the corporate naming game!

  3. if i were a cubs fan, i would boycott whatever company endorses the field

  4. I’m very interested to see what the great SLASC has to say on this one, since he is a huge baseball fan, and follows the Cubs..

  5. In the 1980’s Jane Bradley Petit donated 90 MILLION dollars to build the Bradley Center. She built it and named it to honor her father. No tax dollars where harmed in the building of that arena. Now Milwaukee wants to sell the naming rights… It’s just wrong. IT WAS A GIFT!!!!!!!

  6. That is seriously wrong!!!!!!

  7. I wish I was super rich. I’d pay whatever it took to get the naming rights, and name it Steve Bartman Stadium. Just to help remind the Cub nation.

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