“The Days Of Clemens Life” Episode 2

Roger Clemens

Episode One

Episode 2 opens with Congress asking the Department of Justice to further investigate Roger Clemens *aka Superstar Athlete*, because they feel he has lied under oath. This coming after Clemens and McNamee *the scorn lover* are questioned for 5 hours back on Feb. 13th. After watching the highlights for the congressional hearing.. I can’t say this move surprises me. The one big question that congress has is “Was Clemens actually at a party hosted by Canseco”?? as McNamee claims he was. There are reports that while Clemens continues to say “No I was not there, I was playing golf” while my wife, kids, and nanny were at this party.. Pictures of Clemens at the party have surfaced.

Andy Pettitte *the best friend between the two* has held a press confrence and handled himself fairly well, considering the circumstances. He also stated that he has not spoken to his best friend *Clemens* since the Mitchell Report has been released, but hopes they will remain friends. I think you would have had a better chance of remaining friends had Clemens stepped up and admitted his use, rather then fighting it tooth and nail. I’m not sure if I was Pettitte, I would want to remain friends with Clemens.. I think it would be in Pettittes best interest to cut ties with Clemens, and try to rebuild his image.

Clemens has reported to Astors spring training, but has declined any further comments on the drama that has become his life.. Clemens and Bonds* could be sharing a cell real soon, since now they both face the same legal issues.. Sean, a reader left a great comment on one of my other posts, I felt was perfect for Episode 2..

‘The most ironic thing is that Bonds and Clemens have better chances of ending up as cell mates, then getting into Cooperstown…Would pay to find who the bitch is in that relationship”

This concludes “The Days Of Clemens Life” Episode 2


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