Free Agency Begins

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With the NFL free agency kicking off last Friday, and with more money to spend.. teams are shopping.. My phone did not ring this weekend with teams wanting my approval when signing free agents, or reworking current contracts.. but hey.. I’m going to give it anyway!

Now remember when looking at some of these huge contracts.. the way they are structured, teams can release a player, and the player will only get what is guaranteed to them..

Here we go..

Atlanta is in the mist of rebuilding after a dismal season last year.. They cleaned house.. and have started signing free agents. Most notable would be Michael Turner, 4 year vet that has been LaDainain Thomlinson’s back up in San Deigo. With a aging Warrick Dunn, the Falcons find themselves in need of getting Jerious Norwood some help in the backfield. With the talent in the up coming draft at Running Back.. I think Aurthur Black overspent on this one.. Not to say Turner isn’t good.. averaging 5.5 yards a carry.. and still holds 3 of the longest runs in Charger history.. I just think 6 years at $34.4 million, with 15 guaranteed is abit much..

Ick Approved Signing: No

*Edit* Falcons and Warrick Dunn have parted ways

Now moving to the Steelers.. Over the weekend the Steelers handed Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a truck load of money.. 8 years $102 Millions w/$36 guaranteed. This puts him in elite company with Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, and a few other quarterbacks in the $100 million club. Assuming Big Ben stays off the motorcycles, and can stay healthy.. this is actually a very good move. It gives the Steelers a franchise quarterback..

Ick Approved Extension : Yes

Moving right along to the Tennessee Titans… The Titans give Vince Young a big target by signing Alge Crumpler to a 2 year deal at $5 millions. Crumpler who was released by the Falcons a few weeks ago, in what can only be described as stupidity. Crumpler lead the team most seasons in receptions.. and did I mention he is a Tight End?? Crumpler gives Vince Young a big target, with hands like a receiver. Now if the Titans can just get Vince some help on the Offensive Line, and a go to Wide Receiver.. The Titans might have something..

Ick Approved Signing : Yes

Now lets travel to Cleveland, if you remember Derek Anderson was a miracle worker in Cleveland last season.. leading the Browns to a 10-6 record, leaving the Browns barley missing the playoffs. Cleveland loves them some Derek Anderson, signing him to a 3 year $24 million dollar deal. Now its being reported that Former 1st round pick Brady Quinn will compete for the starting job? I understand the signing of Anderson.. He gave the Browns something they haven’t had in awhile.. a consistent quarterback! I assumed that when the Browns were so active in getting a deal done with Anderson, he would be their starter..

Ick Approved Deal : *shakes magic 8 ball* Uncertain at this time, check back later..

Moving right along to the Phildelphia Eagles.. This is one signing that scares me as a Cowboys fan. Asante Samuels, former New England Patriots conerback has signed with the Eagles, getting a 6year/$57 Million dollar deal with $20 Million guaranteed. This actually makes me shake with fear. Samuels has amazing hands, and lightning fast speed, Samuels also has 16 interceptions in the last 2 season. Samuels, and Lito Sheppard in the same backfield.. *shakes in fear* as Cowboys fan.

Ick Approved Signing : Yes *despite the fact I shake in fear as a Cowboys fan* Good secondary players are hard to find this offseason, hence why the Cowboys used the franchise tag on Ken Hamilin.

I’m still curious to see where Randy Moss ends up.. After the Patriots did not use a franchise tag on him, and with talks between his agent and the Patriots cooling down.. Its going to be very interesting to see where Randy Moss ends up. Especially with Moss talking to the media this weekend about the possibilities of reuniting with Daunte Culpepper, if they could find a team that needed a Quarterback and Wide Receiver..

*Edit* The Patriots and Moss are close to a 3 year/$27 Million deal, more to come with this is final..

Here is a list of all available free agents..

4 Responses

  1. Turner to Atlanta: don’t like it… another wtf move from the falcons… they need to build around norwood! The falcons won’t make it out of the cellar by the time turner is over the hill… general rule: depth > skill (exclude qb) in rebuilding.

    Roethlestburgertaciquto stays with Steelers: sure, he’s over rated… but he has a superbowl win, and thats better than 95% of the young qb’s in the league.
    Steelers get Mewelde Moore: I love this move

    Crumpler: solid signing

    Samuels to the Eagles: they had the cash under the cap for him, so why not? i have a personal opinion of samuels that he is a system corner… but he might work wonderfully with the jim johnson pressure D.

    Moss stays at the Patriots: good move

    Jets sign Woody (eh) and Faneca (ooo): too much money, but I am gonna enjoy watching that line fuck shit up… add those 2 to D’Brick and Mangold! I guess if your qb sucks, give him time and a solid running game and you’ll win some games

    Saints sign Randell Gay: one thumb up

  2. The addition of Woody and Faneca could put the Jets in the running for the best offensive line in the league.. if they can build a good chemistry..

  3. the jets overpaid for overage guys… this year they’ll mash some fools though

  4. I agree they over paid.. but those are the big and nasties that you love in the trenches week in and week out!!!

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