Legendary Career Comes To An End

Brett Farve

Well its official.. Brett Farve is leaving the NFL after a legendary career that spans 17 seasons.. We have seen Brett at his best *Monday Night Game the day after his dad died*, and we have seen him at his worse *2005 season *interception central* Brett Favre has established himself as one of the toughest players to ever play the game. Favre has 253 consecutive starts in the regular season, 275 including the playoffs.. Favre also leaves the game holding most of the NFL quarterback records including..

Most TD passes

Brett Favre 442

Dan Marino 420

Fran Tarkenton 342

Peyton Manning 306
Most passing yards

Brett Favre 61,655

Dan Marino 61,361

John Elway 51,475

Warren Moon 49,325

QB wins by starter

Brett Favre 160

John Elway 148

Dan Marino 147

Fran Tarkenton 125

Interceptions INTs

BrettFavre 288

George Blanda 277

John Hadl 268

Vinny Testaverde 267

Favre will truly be missed in Packer country..

*EDIT* The real reason why Brett decided to retire today ?? *Shakes Head*


7 Responses

  1. It’s ok E.. You still have Aaron Rodgers.. *please don’t hit me* 😉

  2. best of luck to favre… always enjoyed watching him play… whether good or bad, it was always exciting to experience (you don’t watch it) the gunslinging.

    he’s retiring at the right time after a largely unexpected highly successful year.

    i feel bad for aaron rodgers now, nobody can follow favre’s act…

  3. Agreed LD.. Rodgers has no idea what he is in store for.. The media and fans are gonna eat him alive if he doesn’t win

  4. Rodgers will get a one year audition. He is an UFA after this year, but given his brief fragile history I have a feeling Aaron Brooks will start more games as a Packer then Aaron Rodgers. The guy knows McCarthy’s system from their days in New Orleans. He may have a permanent case of “He Sucks”, but he also needs a job

  5. Ya know.. I just thought of something Sean.. With Favre retiring.. You no longer have a reason to tell him to suck it! Seeing as he will no longer make your bears his bitch! 😉

  6. Never got a chance to see him play in person. *sigh* oh well all good things must come to an end. At least he retired with a ring unlike Danny M.

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