Drayton McLane feels that congress should direct their focus away from the *steroid issues* in Baseball.. and focus on more important issues.. Lets examine this… Of-course you would like that Drayton.. you have one of the biggest names *Roger Clemens* on a personal contract to work for the Astros organization for the next 10 years. You also have another big name player that was mentioned in the Mitchell Report playing on your team, being Miguel Tejada.

Now I will agree that congress should be focusing attention elsewhere.. but if the powers that be knew how to run major league baseball.. the sport wouldn’t be in the shape its in now. Now I am not foolish enough to presume that steroid use is not going on in other sports. Atleast the NFL, and Cycling have taken the necessary steps to try and prevent steroid use thou. Yes it goes on, we as fans know it.. all fans can ask, is for sports to make every effort to be as pure as they can be.

Here is a news flash Drayton.. Congress has been brought in to try and clean up baseball.. LIVE WITH IT! If you feel steroids is a big issue.. Don’t employ players that have either tested positive, or are in suspicion of using steroids.. Then you can sleep better at night!


5 Responses

  1. all i have to say is BOW CHICKA WOW WOW

  2. Wow.. I figured as big an Astros fan as you are Frank, you would have had more to say on this subject!

  3. Oh paleeez! The most useless Congress ever elected? Doing something that is actually important, like say…..NATIONAL SECURITY? Steroid use in baseball, or anything sport, is NOT the business of Congress. I’ve never read anything in the Constitution that says congress can poke it’s nose, and waste taxpayer money on steroid use in sports.

  4. if this waste of congressional time keeps them from further violating our privacy, our rights, and the constitution, then I’m insisting that we get to the bottom of this steroid epidemic! We need congress to shut down until we figure out how to keep steroids out of baseball!

  5. I agree that Congress is a little out of place getting involved in this, but at the same time who else is making the effort to do so? McLane’s problem, which you pretty much hit on, is he has minimal credibility since one of the biggest names involved plays for his team.

    In my opinion of how he should have approached this, instead of speaking out on his own, he should have first started pulling a group together including other owners, management in the MLB, and possible outside resources. Then, start putting together a program to address steroid use in baseball. This should not be an entity inside of the MLB organization, but instead a contract with an outside agency. There are various labs around that can handle testing, and there are enough governing bodies elsewhere that are familiar with handling this sort of thing. Possibly, they could even enlist the help of the USOC for this.

    Just some thoughts off of the top of my head.

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