Raiders Stupidity Strikes Again!


Would someone please explain to me why anyone would sign Javon Walker to a 6 year/$55 Million dollar deal? “Whats that”? Its Oakland? Oh that explains everything.. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Oakland is getting really good at overpaying for players.. Javon Walker is a spare in every sense of the word.. He has only had 2 seasons with more then 1000 yards receiving in his 7 year career.. I wonder if the Raiders took into consideration that Walker missed 8 games last season due to a knee injury?? I’m all for the theory of with no great risk, comes no great reward.. but Javon Walker??? I have to just shake my head at this one.. I wonder if Walker had a gun with him while they were negotiating his contract.. cause Oakland got robbed!


2 Responses

  1. Agreed. Besides the eight games he missedlast season, he missed most of his last season with the Packers.

  2. Well you know what they say.. if you want to end your career.. Head to the Raiders.. I am still shaking my head on that contract thou.. This is the offseason for stupid money contracts..

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