Ponder This

An interesting idea has been brought up on my local sports talk radio station regarding the Cowboys, and trading draft picks.. I actually kinda like these ideas.. but I want you guys input.. I especially want to hear from Liverdamage!

The Cowboys currently own two picks in the first round.. #22 acquired from Cleveland and then the 28th pick.. Now here are the ideas for trading the picks..

Trade Number One :


Cowboys trade the # 22 pick and a possible 4th round pick to the Lions to get Roy Williams Jr. With Terry Glenn’s future uncertain.. Do you really want to go into the next season with an aging T.O., Patrick “no skins, but big mouth” Crayton, and Sam Hurd as your Wide Receiver core? I actually like this idea.. for 2 reasons..

#1. Roy Williams is an established receiver in the league.. You know what your getting with him.. Its not like talking a chance with someone in the draft, and then having them be a bust in every sense of the word. Exhibit A – Bobby Carpenter. Roy Williams is 26 years old, and could be a playmaker for the Cowboys for atleast another 6 seasons.. Assuming he can stay healthy..

#2 If your a Cowboys fan.. you will understand this one. Do you really want Jerry Jones as the mastermind behind your draft picks this year. Lets be honest.. Jerry Jones becomes stupid when draft time comes around. The only really good drafts we have had in the last few years here in Dallas, The tuna was the one making the choices.. Now yes the tuna drafted Bobby “Bust” Carpenter, but he also brought us Terrence Newman, DeMarcus Ware, and Jason Witten.. So we can give the tuna the hall pass on Carpenter, and a few others..

Ick Approved Deal for Roy Williams : Absolutely

Trade Number 2 :


Cowboys trade the #28 pick to the Atlanta Falcons for DeAngelo Hall.

Now this one is a “great risk, great reward” type player. Hall is a major headache, and could be a problem off the field. What he brings to the field is the fact that he is a shutdown corner. Now Jerry Jones has made a name for himself in taking a chance on players, and standing behind troubled players.. Exhibit A: T.O. / Exhibit B : Michael Irvin. Every team that plays Dallas knows the secondary is soft.. This is no secret.. the addition of Hall to the secondary with Terrence Newman makes me giddy like a kid in a candy store.. One major reason.. it would take Roy Williams out of coverage. I actually like this idea.. I would take a chance on Hall.. only with a contract structured like T.O.’s.. Year to year, with the option to send him on his way, should he become a problem..

Ick Approved Deal For DeAngelo Hall : Absolutely

Late breaking news, just released today.. Pacman Jones was on an Atlanta station this morning, and stated several times that he wants to come play for the Cowboys.. Now chances are, with his colorful past.. the Cowboys could get him for a 7th round pick, and a bag of practice balls.. but we do not need the baggage that comes with you Mr. Jones, please stop expressing interest in coming here.. Yes you have talent.. but if you keep saying you want to play for the Cowboys.. Then Jerry Jones might do something stupid like, sign your dumb ass.. And as Liverdamage has pointed out before.. Dallas has alot of good strip clubs.. and we do not want to get shot one night, because you and your pose have rolled in, decided to slap a stripper, and start shooting up the shake joint!! 😉

Ick Approved Signing of Pacman Jones : DENIED!


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