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With the Houston Rockets in town last night, and the Western Conference as tight as it is right now.. The Dallas Mavericks really need to start stringing some wins together.. before they find themselves out of the playoffs.. In a nutshell.. we needed a win last night against the red hot Rockets.. but Nooooooooo.. Instead we get blown out, in our own house!

I no longer want to hear about how Jason Kidd is going to come in here and save this team… “Oh we really need a point guard that can manage the team” No what you need, is to stop relying on the 15ft jump shot, and shots from beyond the arc.. grow a pair.. and drive the lane! This Mavericks team has no heart left.. I would like to thank not only the Heat, but the Warriors for ripping the beating heart out of this team. This team is no closer to winning a championship then they were before the Kidd trade. Actually this team is starting to remind me of the Mavericks of old.. A lot of big name talent.. no killer instinct, and no heart..

If Maverick fans think this team is about to get hot, and ride it in to the playoffs.. I have a bridge I’ll sell you.. The fact of the matter is.. We didn’t need a new point guard.. We need a big man in the paint.. that can catch a ball.. Eric Dampier can not get it done.. If this team limps into the playoffs..

A. I will be very very surprised.. and

B. It will be a one and done playoff appearance.. Something Dallas fans are getting very used to.. I am starting to believe this team is very overrated.. Cuban, Nelson, and Avery all looked at this team before the Kidd trade.. and didn’t like what they saw.. I would love to ask one or all of them do they like what they see now?? If the Mavericks continue to play the same *phone in games*.. Each and every Maverick should give their paycheck back to Cuban, and say thank you sir.. but we don’t deserve this..

I no longer want to hear about Dirk’s window closing.. His window was shut, and locked after the Finals two seasons ago. Yes I know he was MVP last season.. but we all know that was a joke.. If they had done the voting after the season.. Dirk wouldn’t even have been given a second look. Is Dirk a good player.. Yes.. when teams are not in his head.. because lets face it.. Dirk is very easy to rattle.. but if Dirk is off.. he is really off, and a below average player.. At one point this Mavericks team had one of the deepest benches in the league.. Now.. I just don’t see the depth anymore..

The Mavericks better figure it out real quick.. Missing the playoffs is not an option for a team with this kinda roster, or this kinda payroll..

*EDIT* Liverdamage found this.. Very funny stuff..



10 Responses

  1. looks like coaching issues to me.

    i demand you replace the mavs flag on the right column with this headline picture until they start playing like men.

  2. Wouldn’t it be a bitch if Houston was the 2nd Texas team in a row to win a championship

  3. The Rockets have 2 Championship titles already.. back to back even.. I do not see them making it three this year.. I’m still a firm believer that the Celtics will be winning it all this year

  4. as long as tracys back dont give out i would love to see my rockets pass the second round and for the celtics yea

  5. I was worried how three superstars would work out on the same team.. but man they are a well oiled machine.. Allen, Garnett, and Pierce don’t care who scores the most points.. they just care about the win..

  6. I live in Milwaukee…… Nevermind, we don’t have a pro team here anymore…… Not since your coaches dad left town.

  7. It’s so refreshing to see a pro basketball team actually play like TEAM instead of five individuals. Can they go all the way to a championship? Probably not. They will still need a big man in the middle to cope with the other teams in the west. But it’s damn fun to watch them right now! And, not to drop acid rain on your bed of shamrocks, the NBA’s champ this year will come out of the western conference. Sorry. Go Rockets!! Maybe we can suit up Mike Newlin again!!

  8. We shall see Lajitas… Answer me this thou.. Name one team in the West that matches up with Boston in a 7 game series??

  9. Defense, Weedhopper, is better in the west.

  10. If you say so.. We shall see.. I will have to make a call to you in the near future to talk green backs on that one 😉

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