Race Day: The Daytona 200

This will be an attempt at live blogging the 200 with 2 screaming kids running around…

The start of the race was brilliant as usual for 6 time winner Miguel Duhamel but that came to a quick end as clutch problems forced him to pit and grab his backup bike. 2 Factory BMW’s crashed out along with a multitude of other riders leaving the track littered with bikes causing a full course caution. Leading at the caution is Zemke on the 99 Honda with Hayes on the #1 Honda….


At the drop of the flag, Duhamel was 57th after the bike change…. In 2 laps he’s up to 24th. He’s good. Don’t count him out yet. 1 through 5 are separated by only 2 seconds.

The front runners are already testing the draft at the finish…..

The caution was set up by a crash by Mike Barnes. He’s been taken of on a stretcher which usually isn’t good.

Zemke, in 2nd place, almost bought the farm….. Scary. Tires might become an issue soon which means pit stops…. Coooool.

Duhamel is now up to 8th. WOW.

Pit stops!!!!! Disaster for Zemke…. The rear axle stripped. still in the pits.

The leader, Hayes, is coming in the pits…. Tires-fuel-about 10 seconds.

Zemke is still pitted….. Bummer.

Zemke is out on the track. He’s listed at 49th..

Duhamel has pitted. Tires-fuel-out in about 9 seconds. GREAT STOP!!!!


It’s a pit stop lead so I don’t believe it will last although the Ducs pit faster than the others..

Pegram is now in 2nd but he’s hanging with Hayes. Nice Larry

GREEN and WHITE flag…. Half way there.

1-Hayes; 2-Hodgson; 3 Rapp; 4-Davies; 5- Duhamel

McDonald, in the top ten, takes a nasty high side.

Hodgson over shoots the chicane but stays up an re-enters…….

Hayes makes his final pit stop… Good stop.

Hodgson in…. Tires-fuel-OUT….. Good stop.

Rapp comes in the same time as his teammate..OOPS. He’s got to go by. He’s back in now. Rapp is back out. The drive by cost him over 20 seconds…

Duhamel in….. Tires-Fuel-OUT….. Good stop.

Pegram in… LIGHTNING fast stop.

Rear facing cam on Hayes’ bike…. Cooool. You can see him smokin’ the tires exiting the corners.

Dumb A** break… It’s 23 degrees here, there are ice patches on the road and some dingbat just rode by on his motorcycle….Sheesh.

UPDATE: Barnes has been transported to Halifax Hospital. I hope he’ OK.

Duhamel has been black flagged for using his backup in green flag conditions…..CRAP. He’ll be penalized 2 laps. DOUBLE crap….

His team hasn’t brought him in yet…. There still trying to get clarification.

Duhamel’s off the track and off the bike…..He’s pissed and he’s done.

10 laps left and Hayes is looking untouchable.

I hate commercials..

Hodgson suffers a major mechanical and is out…

Penultimate lap…. Hayes is way ahead.

WHITE FLAG!!!!!!!!!!

Hayes wins!!!!!!!

2-Davies; 3-Rapp; 4-Pegram (Yipppeee)

It’s WHEELIE time!!!!!

Blogthoughts: I’m really impressed by the showing of the new Factory BMW’s and especially by the privateer showing of Larry Pegram. Super job Larry and Crew!!!!!

The top 10:

1 Josh Hayes Erion Honda Honda CBR600RR
2 Chaz Davies Attack Kawasaki Kawasaki ZX-6R
3 Steve Rapp Attack Kawasaki Kawasaki ZX-6R
4 Larry Pegram Pegram Racing Ducati 848
5 Martin Cardenas M4 EMGO Suzuki Suzuki GSX-R600
6 R Cooper   BMW HP2
7 Brian Parriott San Jose BMW BMW HP2
8 Bobby Fong Safety First Suzuki Suzuki GSX-R600
9 Bostjan Skubic   Yamaha YZF-R6
10 Steve Atlas   Honda CBR600RR


They changed the start of the Superbike Race. It’s on live following the 200…Happy.


6 Responses

  1. Are you watching the race on a 46″ LCD?? hehehehe

  2. No dammit!! The boys were driving my ma crazy….Phffffft.

  3. The corner needs to start a donation fund for getting you your own 46″ LCD TV!! šŸ˜‰

  4. Hey that sounds like a GREAT idea!!!!

  5. I’m a bit partial to the Samsung 5271 if anybody cares……

  6. *adds to E’s Christmas wish list.. šŸ˜‰

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