Daytona 200 Bombshell!!!!!

The winner of yesterdays Daytona 200, Josh Hayes, has been disqualified for an equipment violation.

From The Soup:

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Josh Hayes was disqualified from today’s Daytona 200 following a customary and mandatory technical inspection of the top three finishers’ motorcycles in the Daytona 200, round one of the AMA Formula Extreme Series.

Upon this inspection, a technical infraction was found. The #1 Erion Racing Honda CBR600RR’s crankshaft was polished, surface treated and metal was removed from it. This is in violation of the 2008 AMA rulebook section 5.4, the text of which can be seen below.
Page 47: Rulebook Section 5.4
5.4 Multi-cylinder liquid cooled engines
The following engine components may not be altered from the originally homologated model except as noted:

b. Homologated crankshaft
1. Bearing surfaces may be polished or surface treated.

The appeals process has begun……


2 Responses

  1. For those of us who are not so familiar with this, what does this sort of modification do for the racer and why is it against the rules?

  2. Any type of internal engine manipulation that is not available as “STOCK” from the manufacturer to increase HP is not allowed in these bikes. The purpose of this type of racing is to allow the privateer to be able to compete against the Factories with their seemingly endless amounts of cash. This gives a guy like Larry Pegram (72-Ducati) a chance to compete. Without these homologation rules, the factories would just completely dust everybody else…..

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