Thanks Pacman!!!!

pacman jones

I knew it.. I knew if Pacman kept bumpin his gums about wanting to play for the Cowboys, the hamster would jump on the wheel, and Jerry’s mind would start turning.. Jerry Jones is actually considering bring Pacman to Dallas.. Now in order to do this.. he would have to work a deal with the Titans, as Jones has not been officially released from the Titans.. A deal shouldn’t really be all that hard to arrange between anyone interested in Pacman. The Titans want to cut ties with Jones.. but would also like to get something for him.

Jerry is really pushing his luck with the fans.. First taking a chance on T.O., then bringing in Tank Johnson, and don’t even get me started on the new stadium ticket prices.. I would say I’m all for giving players second chances.. but Pacman has had his second chance.. and I really don’t want his third chance to be in Dallas..


10 Responses

  1. i wouldnt mind him in dallas sign him for 1 yr then go from there and put in his contract that if he decides to act like he acts outside football release him or trade him and give back bonus money he wants to play in the new jerry bowl stadium

  2. I can’t go for that either.. Anyone can play nice for a year..

  3. talented? extremely

    likelihood i’ll die as a result of him at a titty bar? odds went up drastically…

    i’ll say no to him if only for my own safety… i love the cowboys and all, but if they win more because he is here; and i am no longer alive to see it…

  4. Maybe Jerry will change the uniform colors to “county inmate orange”!!!!! After all, weren’t the Cowboys the pack of thugs Wyatt Earp was dealing with in Tombstone??

  5. I’m with you Rob.. This is not even close to a good signing… And yes Lajitas, you are correct about the Cowboys in Wyatt Earp.. Still better then your Texans even without Pacman 😉

  6. I would give him a chance but like everyone has said already put something in his contract about a zero tolerance policy that way Pacman will stay out of trouble even though that really hasn’t stopped him in the past.

  7. Well.. to be honest with everyone.. Jerry is gonna do what Jerry wants to do with Pacman.. I would still take DeAngelo Hall over Pacman thou..

  8. well i did that in madden 08 i took hall but he got hurt

  9. the cardnals are the retirment home of football we are the halfway house of football.

  10. Nope.. its Oakland thats the retirement home for the NFL

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