Where Does Brett Favre Fit?


When I heard about Brett Favre retiring.. I placed a poll on the right sidebar.. under the calendar.. To see where you, the reader felt Brett Favre fit in the great QB debate.. The voting has been closed.. I will only leave each poll question up for a week.. Then change the question. After a week of voting.. we have a tie! The readers have placed Favre in the Top 3, and Top 10, in the great QB debate.. We even had some votes for Best Ever.. I want to thank everyone for the continued support, and for voting.. Please cast your vote this week for the new question. “Will Pacman play for Dallas”?

*EDIT* This link was left in the comment section.. I thought I would add it to the post..

Sign Brett’s Card  

5 Responses

  1. A group “thank you” card has been created for Brett. Please stop by and leave a personal message for him!


  2. He is top three in my opinion. Joe Montana is my #1 followed closely by Johnny U then Favre.

  3. Thanks Mike.. I signed it 🙂

    I think at this time, I would have to agree with you Nate.. Now sadly.. If spygate comes to light as being a bigger scandal then it already its.. Tom Brady will suffer in the great QB debate

  4. […] thanks to Ick for letting me know about this…. This entry is filed under #4, The Good Guys, The Pack. You […]

  5. 1) Joe Montana 2)Johnny Unitas 3)Bobby Layne 4) Brett Favre 5) Steve Young

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