Mock Draft, Lets Talk..


It’s always fun to find first round big boards about a month or so before the draft.. Mock Draft big board one..

1) Miami Dolphins-Glenn Dorsey, DT-LSU (Not gonna happen.. not that Dorsey wouldn’t be a great addition to the tuna’s defense.. With the release of Cleo Clemens, I fully expect Matt Ryan to be drafted with the first pick.. assuming the Dolphins keep the 1st pick)

2) St. Louis Rams-Chris Long, DE-Virginia

3) Oakland Raiders-Sedrick Ellis, DT-USC

4) Atlanta Falcons-Matt Ryan, QB-Boston College (The Falcons do need a franchise QB.. but Matt Ryan is gone by the 4th pick)

5) Kansas City Chiefts-Darren McFadden, RB-Arkansas (I have a hard time with this one, With Larry Johnson signing that huge contact last time, I don’t see McFadden splitting time in Kansas City)

6) New York Jets-Jake Long, T-Michigan

7) New England Patriots-Keith Rivers, OLB-USC

8) Baltimore Ravens-Brian Brohm, QB-Louisville ( I could see a QB drafted by Baltimore.. a defensive player is more likely thou)

9) Cincinnati Bengals-Dan Connor, OLB-PSU

10) New Orleans Saints-Michael Jenkins, CB-South Florida

11) Buffalo Bills-Limas Sweed, WR-Texas (I hope not, I would love to see Limas Sweed reunited with Vince Young in Tennessee)

12) Denver Broncos-Early Doucet, WR-LSU (With the loss of Javon Walker, I could see this)

13) Carolina Panthers-Jonathan Stewart, RB-Oregon (Solid pick for Bushwacked beloved Panthers)

14) Chicago Bears-James Laurinaitis, ILB-Ohio State

15) Detroit Lions-Derrick Harvey, DE-Florida (What.. the Lions not drafting a WR?? I think not)

16) Arizona Cardinals-Ryan Clady, T-Boise State

17) Minnesota Vikings-DeSean Jackson, WR-California (I like this pick.. The Vikings have already gotten Tavarus Jackson some targets, adding one more possible playmaker not a bad idea)

18) Houston Texans-Malcolm Kelly, WR-Oklahoma (Lajitas and I see Jamal Charles filling the Texan’s RB needs)

19) Philadelphia Eagles-Vernon Gholston, DE-Ohio State (drafting a defensive player will not make McNabb happy.. I await McNabb’s reaction after the draft)

20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Andre Woodson, QB-Kentucky (Don’t the Bucs have enough QB’s and QB rights??, I don’t see them drafting another QB)

21) Washington Redskins-Jeff Otah, T-Pittsburgh

22) Dallas Cowboys-Sam Baker, T-USC (Cowboys will trade this pick, thats how Jerry Jones rolls on draft day)

23) Pittsburgh Steelers-Michael Oher, T-Ole Miss

24) Tennessee Titans-Kenny Phillips, S-Miami (Not going to happen if a playmaking WR is still on the board)

25) Seattle Seahawks-Felix Jones, RB-Arkansas (Not going to happen with the addition of Duckett, and Jones in the last few weeks, the last thing Seattle needs is another RB.. look for a WR to be selected

26) New York Giants-Malcolm Jenkins, CB-Ohio State

27) San Diego Chargers-Pat Sims, DT-Auburn

28) Jacksonville Jaguars-Calais Campbell, DE-Miami

29) Green Bay Packers-Aqib Talib, CB-Kansas

30) San Francisco 49ers (from Indy)-James Hardy, WR-Indiana (Possible, 49er’s are rebuilding their WR core)

31) Dallas Cowboys-Rashard Mendenhall, RB-Illinois (I’ll agree the Cowboys take a RB in the first round, but with McFadden out of the picture, Felix Jones is taken over Mendenhall.. With McFadden and Jones, working out in Dallas before the combine, and the strong Arkansas ties Jerry has, if Jones is on the board.. Cowboys take Jones..)

32) New England Patriots-Forfeited (HA HA!!!)

I eagerly await the Goose’s first round projections.. If you don’t know the Goose.. trust me, he is greatness when putting together his big board.. After seeing the Goose, you will think Kiper who? 😉


5 Responses

  1. The Texans don’t need a wide receiver as badly as they need a running back. Stewart seems to be the most mentioned back, but I sure would love to see Charles here.

  2. Charles can just flat out run.. Either to the outside, or between the tackles.. I hope either the Cowboys, or Texans keep him in Texas..

  3. Did you mess up BADLY, or have I missed something? You have GIANTS picking 26: Malcolm Jenkins, CB-Ohio State.

    Check every other draft list on the Internet–GIANTS pick 31, NOT 26.

    Perhaps you haven’t heard: GIANTS won the Super Bowl.

  4. No I didn’t mess up badly.. apparently you must not realize that teams can traded up, or move down in the draft.. and for the record.. I know the Giants won the Superbowl 😉

    Thanks for reading..

  5. If Jake Long is there at #5 for the Chiefs they take him. There is no way they will take McFadden.

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