Parade Time…

The traditional St. Patrick’s Day Parade *beating* happened over the weekend.. I would say thank god I had to work, but my office is located on the same street, and I had a pleasant run in with the local law enforcement Saturday morning.. but thats a whole other story, for another time. This year as every year floats could be seen up and down Greenville, with people throwing beads and trinkets out to the crowds.. well atleast the ones that weren’t passed out by 9:30 am.. and my daughter Cheyenne got to ride on one of the floats with some friends of the family.. Demon, Hockey Guru, and Frank were among the thousands of people out on the streets of Greenville for this parade, and Frank was nice enough to snap a few shots of Cheyenne.. Thanks buddy 🙂




Demon, Hockey Guru, and Frank

*Sidenote* I met up with the guys after work to enjoy a ummm few adult beverages in celebration, we found the need to find food.. so we went to one of our favorite establishments to eat.. While there a group from the newspaper showed up, and wanted to get a picture with the Hockey Guru.. I would assume it was because of his massive bead collection *please god tell me he didn’t have to flash anyone to get those* Demon was alittle unhappy with the newspaper folks, for two reasons…

A. He is Irish..

B. The jersey he is wearing..

Back to the country club we go to have a few more adult beverages.. 😉

It has also been reported there was a Liverdamage, a soon to be Mrs. Liverdamage, The Great SLASC, and Mrs SLASC sighting at the parade also.. but no pictures have been provided.. *Looks at the Great SLASC*


2 Responses

  1. Dude….I took somewhere around 400-450 pictures….

    We were also on the lookout for Cheyenne the whole time, and missed her!!!!

    As for the pictures though…you’ll have to come and get them…. Maybe you’d best bring a blank dvd… hehe

    (almost 2 gigs!!)

  2. I didn’t want all 450… just a few.. LOL

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