No Regrets?

Pacman Jones

In Pacman Jones latest efforts to play for the Cowboys.. he was in Dallas yesterday, not to meet with the Cowboys.. but to appear as a guest on Michael Irvin’s radio show. I have already let it be known that I do not support bringing Pacman Jones to Dallas to join my beloved Cowboys. Some of Pacman’s comments just pushed me over the top.

When asked about Pacmans repeated trips to the strip clubs, even after being suspended.. Pacman said that it was a stupid mistake, I have made alot of stupid mistakes over the last year or so, I pray to god I get a second chance, I have no regrets..

Ok.. lets break this down shall we..

1. You visiting strip clubs even after being suspended was stupid.. Gee ya think? You obviously can not just walk into a strip club, order a drink.. watch the girls shake some ass and leave. You and you pose have to make it known you are there.. and it never fails.. there is always trouble..

2. You pray to god that you will get a second chance? Last time I checked you had already been given a second chance by not only the Titans, but the league itself.. Nice way to play the god card thou.. Course Michael Vick played that card as well, and look what happened to him.

3. You have no regrets? This was my personal favorite.. So you mean to tell me that you don’t feel bad about the shooting at a strip club that left a security guard in a wheelchair? You don’t feel bad for the shame you not only brought yourself, but brought to the entire Titans organization? You sir, and I use that term extremely loosely.. are a piece of work.. actually you are a piece of s**t, a complete waste of space, and even less of a human being.

Why Jerry Jones is even considering bringing Pacman Jones to the Cowboys is beyond me. Is Jerry so consumed by winning that he doesn’t care about the image of the team? Wait don’t answer that.. We already know the answer to that question. It gets harder and harder with each passing day, or troubled player signed to defend my team. Terrell Owens was brought in after destroying two other teams, and for the most part has been a model player.. and a positive influence in the locker room. Tank Johnson was brought mid last season, and has been the poster child for rehabilitated players. Now for both above mentioned players, their changed attitudes could be because they actually wanted to change to be a better person, or they realize this is their last stop, and the last attempt at a paycheck in the NFL.

If Pacman comes to Dallas.. that will truly be a dark day in franchise history. Even more so then the fumbled snap in Seattle, or the home lost in the playoffs last season after a 13-3 season. As I have said before Jerry Jones is testing the limits of Cowboy fans by the minute.. This could actually send some over the top..

*EDIT* There has been some confusion about the “no regret” comment because it is not in the article I linked.. I heard the interview on Sportscenter.. The no regret comment was something Jones told Irvin live on the air…


3 Responses

  1. First off, my opinion of Pacman’s comment. That does not sound like something he would say. It sounds much more like a statement his agent handed to him to say off of a piece of paper in the interest of the public perception of him.

    Second, there is the comparison to other problem players brought to the Cowboys. I have to admit, I was not crazy about bringing T.O. to the team, but after working out some kinks, he seems to have settled down. We got lucky. Same with Tank. The question is, though, has Pacman reached the point where he realizes he needs to change.

    Third, Jerry’s approach to owning a team. He is a businessman first, a sports fan second…a distant second. He realizes it is better for business if the team wins, but what he is good at is looking at numbers. It is easy enough to add numbers up and say “oh, here is where a number is low, lets bring in somebody whose record would increase it.”

    Now, on the surface this makes sense. The problem is, it does not consider players’ personalities, how well the mix with their teammates, how their off-field actions affects their performance, what sort of other liabilities come in, and how their numbers will change when you put them with a different team.

  2. […] Note to Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys fans don’t want Pacman Jones. […]

  3. Well, Weedhopper, I think you’ve finally figured it out. Congrats!! Like I said before, if JJ signs him, it just adds to the list of reasons to root for the other team.

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