Leinart Getting Bashed…


Former USC golden boy turned franchise quarterback for the Cardinals, Matt Leinart is getting bashed by the media over this picture. Perhaps if Leinart had not missed several games last season with a broken collar bone, this wouldn’t be that big a deal.. Looks to me his shoulder has healed nicely.. He has good elevation on that beer bong!!!   😉


3 Responses

  1. if he wins, “he is just letting off steam”… if he loses, “he’s distracted”… since nobody wins in arizona…

    and if you want to know what the rest of their night was like; remember those fold-ins on the back side of mad magazine? apply to above picture.

  2. PURE GREATNESS!!!! Perhaps we could get the Great SLASC to make a fold in image of that picture.. LOL

  3. HAHA move the girl closer to the right…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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