Some People Are Born With It

After Ducati test rider, Vittoriano Guareschi, was injured in a crash, Ducati called on the man who won something like 9 million Formula 1 titles for Ferrari, Michael Schumacher, to finish the testing of it’s Desmosedici GP8 MotoGP bike.

This from the Soup:


Weather conditions: clouded. Air temperature 15°C

Italian test rider Vittoriano Guareschi was unfortunate enough to suffer a fall during day two of a three day test session for the Ducati Corse Development Team at the Mugello Circuit and, although it didn’t leave him seriously injured, a bad knock to his coccyx meant that he was unable to ride comfortably. This allowed the seven times F1 world champion Michael Schumacher to climb back on board the Desmosedici GP8.

The German rider who recorded surprisingly fast times during a test day in Valencia held after the last MotoGP race of 2007, did not hesitate for a second when presented with this last-minute opportunity to return to the track with the GP8.
Schumacher has also made his debut in a motorcycle competition, having taken part in one race in Misano last weekend.

The German champion completed 42 laps with a best lap time in 1’58.0.

“It was a nice surprise yesterday when I received the sudden offer to come to Mugello today”, Michael said. “And despite the difficult weather conditions it was again big fun to ride the Ducati. But I repeat it very clearly that I have no intention at all to step into any kind of Moto GP competitions.”

The man was just born to go fast. He really wouldn’t stand a chance against MotoGP guys but to be able to jump on the thing and ride the crap out of it as best as he can with good times is quite impressive.


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