NBA 08′ Hall Of Fame Class..

The Class of ’08 for the Basketball Hall of Fame includes players Adrian Dantley, Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon, coaches Pat Riley and Cathy Rush, and contributors Bill Davidson and Dick Vitale.

All great players, coaches, and figures from the media. I am kinda partial to one of the players thou. One of the top 5 centers to every play the game, as far as I am concerned. Not only one hell of a player, but a great role model. You never heard of him getting in trouble off the court. I could only be talking about one man. A member of the BACK TO BACK NBA Champion Houston Rockets.. Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon!!! Please enjoy the highlight video I found. After I watched this video I think we should change his nickname to “Get that outta here”! 😉

9 Responses

  1. Hakeem Olajuwon is a joke… he was a bit player at best… an african shawn bradley on a better team. if i were pressed, i might take him in an all time fantasy draft slightly before eric dampier.

  2. I don’t agree with that, but it’s your opinion.. 🙂

  3. damm just like new york hating on my 2 time champions houston rockets. dampier? are you still drunk from austin ^_^

  4. ok, now that i’ve got your attention jason, did you get the message i left for your on your cell phone? i figured that might work better than calling you again…

    (and apparently that blog grenade was a dud… i’ll try harder next time)

  5. I got your message, didn’t check it right aways since you called from the great SLASC’s phone.. *no offense SLASC*. We will be there.. no worries 🙂

  6. @liverdamage
    african shawn bradley? what the? something else must be damaged too..

  7. i was just wanting to get a rise out of superfan #34, (aka jason)… as stated above, it was a dud.

  8. *looks around* I thought I was Superfan #10?? Speaking of number 10… I will be keeping my fingers crossed that Limus Sweed slides down to the Titans so I can enjoy the Young/Sweed show again!!! I would also like to see the Cowboys take Jamal Charles!! I know I’m asking for alot!!

  9. @ liverdamage
    of course.. i was just messing around too.. i know that no one in the right state of mind would say that hakeem olajuwon is just an african shawn bradley..

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