The Ryan Leaf Ripple Effect???

Ryan Leaf

This is a pretty interesting read.. Seems Ryan Leaf being a bust has had a ripple effect on the NFL.. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

*An insert from the article*

The effect Ryan Leaf’s inability to become the Chargers’ franchise quarterback impacted the futures of four notable quarterbacks.

1. Michael Vick — Playing in Atlanta ultimately couldn’t distance Vick from the negative influences of his past. Might things have turned out differently for Vick in San Diego? The Chargers decided against taking a quarterback early in the 2001 draft, and no one could blame them.

2. Drew Brees — With the Leaf fiasco behind them, the Chargers armed Brees with a strong ground game and an all-world tight end. Brees took full advantage, eventually earning a long-term deal from New Orleans in free agency.

3. Eli Manning — The Chargers wanted Manning, but the quarterback balked at the idea, reportedly over concerns about the organization’s ability to win. No one did more than Leaf to raise those concerns.

4. Philip Rivers — Leaf should have been in his prime when the Chargers acquired Rivers’ rights from the New York Giants in the draft-day trade that sent Manning to the East Coast. — Mike Sando

2 Responses

  1. One of the craziest things to me about the Leaf saga is that there is still a cloud over Bobby Beathard’s head. The pick looks stupid now, but at the time it was a no brainer. Every other GM in need of a quarterback would have taken Leaf with the second pick if they had the chance.

  2. Agreed.. Everyone that takes a QB with a high draft pick, has the chance they will be a bust. Course the same could be said for any position really. We know all about 1st round busts… I.E. Bobby *3rd Team* Carpenter.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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