Don’t Try This At Home…..

This is one of the best saves I’ve seen. Colin Edwards is down. When you see the footage from the outside, you’ll see the front wheel has lost all traction and is essentially off the ground. The bike is being held up by Edwards’ knee and elbow. 99.8% of riders in this situation would’ve been soil sampling.

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5 Responses

  1. Totally unrelated to sports….big shocker there…heh!

    Y’all have been tagged!

  2. Ok… So Phil or Jason fixed the Youtube for me and I screwed it up again……. I’m too stupid to live….

  3. That would be me sir 🙂

    Don’t feel bad, the youtube link is a pain in the ass at times to post.. 🙂

  4. The Easy Tube plugin works quite well……

  5. The Easy Tube plugin has been installed sir 😉 Many months back even 🙂

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