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*Disclaimer* If your either a Brett Favre fan, or a Green Bay Packers fan.. Do not finish reading this post. I repeat do not finish reading this post*

So I ran across this article this morning, while catching up from my weekend away from my computer, and anything that is sports related. Come to think about, I missed the Stars taking a 2-0 lead in their first round playoff series, but enough of that.

The article is an insert from a book written by Sal Paolantonio titled “The Paolantonio Report: The Most Overrated and Underrated Players, Teams, Coaches and Moments in NFL History”. I must say when I first read this article, I thought Paolantonio was kicking Brett right in the crotch.. but I must say.. the facts he presents in his argument that Favre is overhyped, and over rated really has to make one think..

No matter how big a fan you may or may not be of Favre, the stats to lie. The fact that Eli Manning had more playoff wins this season, then Favre has had in the last 10 years.. is factual.. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved watching Favre play the game like a kid in a school yard pick up game. Having said that, I’m also not blind to the stats.

Favre will be a first ballot Hall Of Famer, no question about that.. Ask yourself this one question thou.. If Brett Favre had remained with the Falcons, who drafted him in the second round of the 1991 draft.. Would he still hold the same records, and would he have been elevated to *Legendary* Status?? Or would he be another draft bust??  Favre’s abilities, and his supporting cast over the years is what has fueled not only his stats, and records, but his *Legendary* status..

Now if you will excuse me I must get prepared for the death threats, and hate mail from the Packer fans who decided to ignore my disclaimer. 😉


7 Responses

  1. LIKE ANY OTHER QB Favre was enhanced by surrounding supporting cast no doubt..what is with the WHAT IF’S? wHO CARES REALLY IT IS REALITY HE WILL BE A FIRST BALLOT ENTRY. Opinions are free enjoy them…No death threat here..just a Team Owner who enjoyed the way he played! donna

  2. Agreed.. No QB is greatness on his own.. As far as the “What If’s” They are fun to toss around, and discuss.. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. You can’t compare Eli and Brett… C’mon. Eli has played in 6 playoffs and will be entering his 5th season. Now that they’ve won the SB, how many of his fellow teammates will remain Giants? As Donna points out, what of the supporting cast? Eli might not have the luxury of good teammates in the future. If you’re going to look at stats, you need to look at the whole career, not one season like Sal. Where will Eli be in 12 more years?? Nobody knows so that debate will have to wait.

  4. Oooops…. Not done yet. The overhyped question is true for ANY great QB. Aikman, Montana, Staubach, Star, WHOEVER!!! The team, including the coaches and GM’s, make the player. The article is totally arbitrary and a page filler for Sal.

    No death threats from here…Heh.

  5. Hey I’m not the one that brought up the Eli stats.. Sal did, I just commented on it. As far as supporting casts.. I will agree pretty much after Green Bay won the Superbowl.. Favre hasn’t really had all that great a supporting cast over the years. Hence why he was talking about retiring a few years ago.

    Since Eli was brought up.. His supporting cast *atleast on offense* was not all that grand this year..

    *An aging Toomer
    *An injury prone Plexiglass
    *Half a season without Shockey *which was the best thing that could have happened to Eli*
    *A Rookie WR

    Ofcourse when you have Brandon Jacobs it really doesn’t matter if the passing game is working or not.. lol

    Favre had the youngest team in the NFL this year.. but that team did include old faithful Donald Driver.. Favre did an amazing job with what he had to work with this year.. That young Packers team is only going to get better and better.. 🙂

    The really sad thing is that Sal is looking at only one year, When I wrote my post I did take into consideration of Favre’s whole entire career.. First part of his career.. He set the league on fire.. He was the man! Second half of his career.. not so much.. In this day and age, a players greatness is measured by how many Championships they win, or how many records they hold.. and that is a true shame.. As I said in my post, I loved to watch Favre play the game, and he is a First Ballot Hall Of Famer, and an all around outstanding guy 🙂

    Aikman would have been an AVERAGE QB without Irvin, the Moose, Emmett, Jay, and a manbeast of an offensive line..

    Now if you will excuse me, I must prepare myself for the hate mail and death threats from Cowboys fans.. 😉

  6. Not blasting you in any way and neither should Cowboys fans. One of the reasons I kept coming back here before being included is because we know who your favorite teams are and you don’t bash others without just cause….. It’s called SPORTSMANSHIP!!!:-)

  7. Oh I know, I didn’t take it as a blasting.. Thank you for the kind words.. I will never just bash a team, or player for the hell of it.. Plus I’ll be the first to throw my team under the bus if they deserve it 😉

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