New Rule In The NHL

We’re all used to talking about the NFL creating a new rule for Roy Williams by now. In fact, it’s pretty common in sports that when something strange goes down, they at least discuss a new rule for the situation.

The latest in this category of event would seem to be Sean Avery of the NY Rangers.

On Monday, the NHL made the following rule solely because of him:

“An unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty (Rule 75) will be interpreted and applied, effective immediately, to a situation when an offensive player positions himself facing the opposition goaltender and engages in actions such as waving his arms or stick in front of the goaltender’s face, for the purpose of improperly interfering with and/or distracting the goaltender as opposed to positioning himself to try to make a play.”

Apparently, after Brodeur told him to lay off the jokes about Brodeur’s divorce five years ago, Avery switched to a new tactic: Stand in front of the goalie and wave a stick in his face.

How was this not already against the rules?!

At the very least, it is now.

*Submitted By The Great SLASC*

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