Suck It Up Chad…

chad being Chad

Raise your hand if your tired of hearing Chad Johnson cry about wanting to be traded?? I am currently raising both my hands!! In the latest 4 year old temper tantrum, the disgruntle wide out is now refusing to report to any function that has the Bengals name attached to it.. And for his next trick, he is going to sit in the corner, and hold his breath until he is traded.*shakes head*

Does this situation remind anyone of another Diva wide out that threw the same temper tantrum, and chose to not attend any team functions, or training camps.. This wide out decided to instead hold press conferences in his driveway and do sit ups. Oh and did I mention these two Diva’s have the same agent??  Johnson is following in the footsteps of Terrell Owens. Yeah T.O. got his trade.. but it cost him half a years salary,  and then a portion of his signing bonus was awarded back to the Eagles earlier this year.

I applauded the Eagles for standing up to T.O., and I applaud the Bengals for standing up to Johnson. Basically from what I can see, Everything was great when the Bengals were winning, and making playoff appearances. As soon as the team started to struggle, Johnson wants out. Sure he can say he feels disrespected, and he feels his team doesn’t have his back. I think it comes down to the fact that Johnson failed to make some big plays last year, called out his coach and his QB in the media, and because someone responded to what he had to say, “I feel disrespected, I’m a cancer in the lockerroom” ect ect ect..

This is just proof that all can be well when your team is winning, but ones true character comes thru when times get tough. If the Bengals end up trading Johnson, you know the Cowboys will be at the front of the line.. I wonder if T.O. and Johnson could coexist on the same team..


7 Responses

  1. well i think he weants to win like barry sanders did when he wanted out of detroit but they didnt wanna trade barry sanders away and let him break the rushing record with another team thats why ford sucks and chevy and dodge are better if chad wants out let him play somewhere else just like they did to rice montana emmit smith randy moss dion sanders i can go on but for Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis to say Tuesday that disgruntled wideout Chad Johnson has two choices — retire or play for Cincinnati, thats f**ked up

  2. You can’t compare the Detroit Lions to the Bengals.. The team the Bengals have now, actually have a chance to go to the playoffs.. The Detroit Lions stunk before, during, and after Barry Sanders.

    Marvin Lewis is doing exactly what he should be doing. The Bengals sunk a bunch of NEW money into Chad Johnson last season, with a new contract. Add in the fact that they just cut Chris Henry for being a dumbass.. The Bengals are really in no position to give in to a temper tantrum.

    Also think about this.. If the Bengals give in and trade him, every coach and GM in the league should just go ahead and open the door, because EVERY disgruntle player is going to be demanding a trade.

  3. “This is just proof that all can be well when your team is winning, but ones true character comes thru when times get tough.”

    This line reminds me of another wide receiver….Randy Moss.

  4. Ah very good point Ryan.. I hadn’t thought about Randy’s stunts up in Viking country.. With his temper tantrums of not finishing routes, or blocking down field, he is lucky he didn’t hurt is chances of being traded.

  5. The Bengals are stuck between a rock and a heartache. They could trade him, because there’s sure to be somebody willing to take his crying ass on (like Uncle Jerry) and make him happy. On the other hand, they could keep him on the roster and take the chance that his cancerous bitching will infect the whole team. Personally, I’d let him sit out and not pay his whining ass. I’m sick of the over paid clowns and all their antics.

  6. Wow, a Lajitas sighting.. lol.. I agree.. Let him sit out!! I don’t really think the Bengals will trade him.. course I didn’t think the Eagles would give in to T.O. either.

  7. he will not get his ocho cinco million pesos

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