Mav’s/Hornets Game 1…


The Mavericks start the quest for the title *chuckles* tonight in New Orleans. Hey I’m a Mavs fan, but I really don’t have all that great a feeling about this team making a deep run in the playoffs. Should they get by the Hornets? Yes.. based on the fact they have playoff experience, while the Hornets are a young team. Course when you have CP3 on your team, it doesn’t matter what kinda playoff experience you have.. 😉

*EDIT* Chris Paul made Jason Kidd his bitch in game one. Hornets lead series 1-0 🙂


3 Responses

  1. i’ve been a life-long fan of jason kidd, but gotta stay true.. kidd got owned by chris paul..

  2. Yeah he did.. Chris Paul really stepped up to the challenge and should have silenced his critics about his match up with Jason Kidd.. I really think this years MVP race is tighter then in several years past..

  3. well yeah.. hate to admit it, but kidd kinda lost a step or two with age..

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