John Smoltz Reaches 3000…

John Smotlz


John Smoltz becomes the 16th pitcher in MLB history to reach 3000 strikeouts.

Nolan Ryan       5,714

Roger Clemens  4,672

Randy Johnson  4,629

Steve Carlton     4,136

Bert Blyleven     3,701

Tom Seaver        3,640

Don Sutton          3,574

Gaylord Perry     3,534

Walter Johnson   3,508

Phil Niekro           3,342

Greg Maddux       3,287

Ferguson Jenkins     3,192

Bob Gibson            3,117

Curt Schilling         3,116

Pedro Martínez     3,031

John Smoltz           3,006

Outstanding list to be apart of.. The message that Maddux left Smoltz is classic!!

“I already got a text (message) from Maddux,” Smoltz said, “He said I’ve lost one hair for every strikeout I’ve made.”
Congrats John!


2 Responses

  1. With the strike zone as big as it is (and has been) for Atlanta’s pitching staff for the past 10 years or so, I’m surprised he hasn’t passed Nolan Ryan’s total!! He’s a great pitcher, no doubt, but if you watch many Braves games, you have to admit their pitchers get some mighty generous calls.

  2. I’ll agree with that one. Pour Barry Zito has a strike zone the size of a thimble! lol

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