Well No More Strip Clubs For Me…

pacman jones

Well its official.. Pacman Jones is now the Cowboys headache. The Titans get a 4th round draft pick for the extremely talented, and colossally stupid cornerback. Atleast Jerry was smart enough to put some conditions on this trade..

A. Pacman must be reinstated, and play a majority of the upcoming season for the Titans to get the rest of the deal *6th round draft pick next year*

B. If Pacman is not reinstated, or does not play a majority of the upcoming season, the Titans give the Cowboys back the 4th round draft pick next year, and the deal is a wash.

For the record I do not support this move. So lets look at the troubled players that have been brought in over the last few years

1. Terrell Owens

2. Tank Johnson

3. Pacman Jones

4 Chris Henry ( not yet, but I’m sure its coming. He is a thug.. Arrested 5 times in the last 2 years..He would fit in nicely)

5. Michael Vick (suuuuure why not..)

6 Cedric Wilson

Ok so the last three haven’t happened yet.. but you see my point. I’m a die hard Cowboys fan, but I gotta tell you.. I’m very disappointed in my team today.

*Sidenote.. The night the Pacman deal is finalized.. it stormed like hell.. The day after.. The skies are grey*


13 Responses

  1. we are the half way house i’m telling you!!

  2. Agreed… Jerry Jones is pushing his luck with the fans!!

  3. Well just be sure that you give E and da Tcup vests before they go to the giggly room… lol

  4. I think E and Frank will be safe. Pacman likes to make it rain in the high class shake joints.. Million Dollar does not count as a high class shake joint! šŸ˜‰

  5. i dont know who t cup is maybe in your lil world but dont hate on the shake joint all i know is that pacman will be eating all them balls he intercepts to the endzone

  6. We released Cedric Wilson, we still have Holmes…but I definitely get your point.

  7. I thought I read somewhere that Holmes was released due to off the field issues.. Thanks for the correction šŸ™‚

  8. No one is hating on the shake joint Frank.. Just saying that you and E should be safe since the Million Dollar is not the most upscale joint in town. Also don’t jump on the Pacman bandwagon just yet. šŸ˜‰

  9. Have they announced the change of uniform colors to “inmate orange” yet?

  10. those who hate pacman jones now know how I FEEL about t.o.d. ownes!

  11. if you dont have t.o. what wr do you have since irving that has been the best wide receiver with the cowboys kewshawn? clayton? glenn? or Stanback lol

  12. i rather have them than an t.o.d. anyday…but hey it’s my opinion and i stand by it sir.

  13. well t.o in 2 yrs has had more yrds and tochdowns than any wr with the cowboys since what 2000 1999 just cuz he wanted out of sf and philly and caused what he did that was their teams not the cowboys he doesnt want out of here so he will produce without him there will be no 10+ td by a receiver and maybe no playoffs

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