Draft Weekend…

2008 NFL Draft

Errands have been run, chores have been done, now its DRAF T TIME!!! Well in about 3 hours or so πŸ˜‰

Once the draft starts, I will have a *live blog* rolling..

First Round

1. Dolphins Jake Long – OT Michigan

2. Rams Chris Long – DE Virginia

3. Falcons Matt Ryan – QB Boston College

4. Raiders Darren McFadden – RB Arkansas

5. Chiefs Glenn Dorsey – DT LSU

6. Jets Vernon Gholston – DE Ohio State

7. Patriots Trade Pick With Saints

7. Saints Sedrick Ellis – DT USC

8. Ravens Trade Pick With Jaguars

8. Jaguars Derrick Harvey – DE Florida

9. Bengals Keith Rivers -LB Southern California

10. Patriots Jerod Mayo – ILB Tennessee

11. Bills Leodis McKelvin – CB Troy

12. Broncos Ryan Clady – OT Boise State

13. Panthers Jonathan Stewart – RB Oregon

14. Bears Chris Williams – OT Vanderbilt

15. Lions Trade Pick with Chiefs

15. Chiefs Branden Albert – OG Virginia

16. Cardinals Dominique Rodgers Cromartie – CB Tennessee St

17. Lions Gosder Cherilus – OT Boston College

18. Texans Trade Pick With Ravens

18. Ravens Joe Flacco – QB Delaware

19. Eagles Trade Pick With Panthers

19. Panthers Jeff Otah – OT Pittsburgh

20. Bucks Aqub Talib – CB Kansas

21. Redskins Trade Pick With Falcons

21. Falcons Sam Baker – OT USC

22. Cowboys Felix Jones *ARE YOU F**KING SERIOUS?? With Mendenhall on the board.. *shakes head*

23. Steelers Rashard Mendenhall – RB Illinois

24. Titans Chris Johnson – RB East Carolina *WTF? Young needs a WR!!!*

25. Seahawks Trade Pick With Cowboys

25. Cowboys Mike Jenkins – CB South Florida

26. Texans Duane Brown – OT Virginia

27. Chargers Antoine Cason – CB Arizona

28. Seahawks Lawrence Jackson – DE USC

29. 49rs Kentwan Balmer – DT North Carolina

30. Packers Trade Pick With Jets

30. Jets Dustin Keller – TE Purdue

31. Giants Kenny Phillips – Safety Miami

Boneheaded Move Of The Day Award goes to… THE RAVENS!! WTF were you thinking???
Runner Up Award goes to.. The Jaguars!!

*Sidenote Keyshawn Johnson must have not paid his electric bill, he obviously got dressed in the dark!

Second Round

32. Dolphins Phillip Merling – DE Clemson

33. Rams Donnie Avery – WR Houston

34. Redskins Devin Thomas – WR Michigan State

35. Chiefs Brandon Flowers – CB Virginia

36. Packers Jordy Neslon – WR Kansas State

37. Falcons Curtis Lofton – ILB Oklahoma

38. Ravens Trade Pick With Seahawks

38. Seahawks John Carlson – TE Notre Dame

39. 49rs Chilo Rachal – OG USC

40. Saints Tracy Porter -CB Indiana

41. Bills James Hardy – WR Indiana

42. Broncos Eddie Royal – WR Virginia

43. Eagles Trade Pick With Vikings

43. Vikings Tyrell Johnson – Safety Arkansas State

44. Bears Matt Forte – RB Tulane

45. Lions Jordon Dizon – OLB Colorado

46. Bengals Jerome Simpson – WR Coastal Carolina

47. Eagles Trades Pick With Lions

47. Lions Trevor Laws – DT Notre Dame

48. Redskins Fred Davis – TE USC

49. Eagles DeSean Jackson – WR California

50. Cardinals Calais Campbell – DE Miami

51 Redskins Malcolm Kelly – WR Oklahoma

52. Jaguars Quentin Groves – DE Auburn

53. Steelers Limas Sweed – WR Texas

54. Titans Jason Jones -DE Eastern Michigan

55. Ravens Ray Rice -RB Rutgers

56. Packers Brian Brohm – QB Louisville

57. Dolphins Chad Henne – QB Michigan

58. Bucks Dexter Jackson – WR Appalachian St.

59. Colts Mike Pollack – C Arizona St

60. Packers Patrick Lee – CB Auburn

61 Cowboys Martellus Bennett -TE Texas A&M *shakes head* Let me just say this.. I thought if you needed a position filled, you draft the best player at that position. Jerry Jones dropped the ball when he drafted Jones over Mendenhall. He did it again here.. Has nothing to do with the fact that Bennett went to A&M, has to do with the fact he was not the best T.E. left on the board.

62. Patriots Terrence Wheatley -CB Colorado

63. Giants Terrell Thomas – CB USC

Well the first and second rounds are in the books. I must say I am a big fan of the 10 minute picks. Rounds 3-7 coverage picks up at 10 a.m.

Little upset to see Limus Sweed go to Pittsburgh… I’m sure Vince is also. Kansas City won for best draft of the day.. but USC was the big winner at the college level!

I added some stats and bios for each player taken in the first two rounds.. That way if your not familiar with your teams pick, you can check out the player. πŸ™‚

2 rounds down, 5 to go…


27 Responses

  1. Baltimore Made a great deal…jacksonville then made it worse, and took Harvey

  2. I know WTF was that??? Jacksonville is not ONE player away from a championship. Just my opinion thou.. Who do your bears take??

  3. Clady or Mendenhall

  4. I got them taking Jonathan Stewart

  5. If they go RB I can’t see them taking Stewart over Mendenhall. Ron Turner recruited Mendenhall to Illinois.

  6. Either one would be a great addition to you guys running game.

  7. Agreed, although I think they need to go with Williams or Albert. The need a line for any running back to run behind

  8. Welcome Mendenhall with open arms buddy! πŸ˜‰

  9. They needed a Tackle

  10. That was a solid pick for you guys..

  11. WTF????? Is Millen Drunk? You trade down to draft a guy you could have had in round 2? Mendenhall & Otah are still on the board, and this si what you do? Welcome to Houston Rashard

  12. I know.. WTF how do you draft someone NO one had going until the 2nd round? Welcome back to the Kyle Boller days!!! Mendenhall is sitting back thinking WTF?

  13. Otah and Gross…Great Bookend Tackles for Carolina

  14. Bushwacked will be happy.. so far his Panthers have done ok so far today!

  15. Wow Carolina gave up alot!

  16. If Mendenhall gets past Tampa, you will be happy because he will end up a Cowboy

  17. Jerry Jones is a MORON!!!!

  18. I think K.C and Miami were the first day winners. Pittsburgh and Green Bay didn’t do bad, either. And yes, Weedhopper, you are correct….Jerry Jones is a moron.

  19. KC is the BIG winner of the day.. Green Bay taking another QB makes me wonder if they are not sold on Aaron Rogers??

    Had Pittsburgh not taking Sweed.. He would have been gone next when the Titans went on the clock…

  20. I think Pittsburgh gets the gold star. They let the guys they wanted fall to them, they didn’t panic and trade up, thus losing other picks. KC, Miami, and Carolina did well also. The Lions and Titans may just want to go home, and avoid further embarassing their fan bases

  21. You know.. Sweed is going to be a nice BIG target with glue like hands for Big Ben.. He may not be the fastest, or most physical WR in the draft.. but man he has great hands!

    I agree with you.. The Lions and Titans should not even have bothered to come to the draft this weekend.. Pitiful showing so far!

  22. ok, so dallas has 4 (major) holes… rb, wr, cb, and te

    felix jones is a nice player and maybe their scouts liked him but he is not the blocker that mendenhall is… mb3 is not a good blocker…
    at best: he’s a homerun threat from the backfield or on special teams…
    at worst: a bust, while mendenhall kicks ass in pit…
    most likely: square peg, round hole

    jenkins: *golf clap*

    bennett: no comment on the player himself, won’t judge this player until after a year or so

    here’s my problem, and my concern with the cowboys… they knew felix would be there, and sold themselves on him before the draft started… they made a trade for a cornerback (a move i’m approving of) and drafted a guy theboysblog.com (awesome site btw) was saying for quite some time they would pick at that spot.

    i should replace “they” with “jerry” in the prior paragraph. he sold himself on need positions that would be available, and didn’t once take the best player available…

    “need drafting” and selling yourself on particular players instead of taking advantage of the currents and trends of the draft, even if they are solid players valued around the area you pick them, is putting your team at a disadvantage. the longterm effects are devastating.

    goodbye jeff ireland, hello dave campo

  23. btw, no comment on bennett because i haven’t seen much of him in game. not that i haven’t been watching a&m or anything; more like a&m couldn’t complete a forward pass on a consistent basis for the last 3 fucking years.

  24. I will formulate a response in the morning.. its been a looooong day. I agree with most 98% of what you said.. πŸ™‚

  25. what the hell got into kansas city?!? they so win

  26. The response from last night, and this morning..

    Kansas City should really get the Draft of the Year award! They are building the kinda draft the Ravens of past years have been able to put together.

    Now on to the Cowboys..

    I agree we were sold on Felix Jones when he and McFadden came here to workout before the combine. I am not sold on Felix just yet. Talented yes.. best on the board at the time of the pick?? remains to be seen..

    Jenkins – Major score for the secondary..

    Bennett – Not saying he is bad player, I just don’t feel he was the best T.E. on the board. He has alot of potential, and thats nice.. But when we traded Fasano the night before, and are a division champion, coming off a 13-3 season.. were going to need someone to step in RIGHT now.. We do not need a project player. Just my opinion thou πŸ™‚

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