Lets Go Stars!!!

Stars Time 2008

Lets go Stars.. The Stars find themselves up 2-0 in their western conference semi finals series against the San Jose Sharks.  Game three in the series is tonight here in Dallas. Lets home the Stars put the foot further on the throat of the sharks!


10 Responses

  1. “We’re getting our season-ticket base back, and that’s what it is all about,” Mr. Hicks said.

    ha ha ha!!! i’m so glad i don’t support that team anymore. after all… profit: “that’s what it is all about”

  2. Are you serious?

  3. dead serious, tried to post the link, but your comments section ate it…

    and no, that was not out of context

  4. it still won’t let me post the link, but it was in the dmn. below is the exact text

    Team owner Tom Hicks admits to a soft spot for the Stars, his first pro team in a sports empire that includes the baseball Rangers and Liverpool FC, the renowned English soccer team.

    “We’re getting our season-ticket base back, and that’s what it is all about,” Mr. Hicks said. “Dallas is a city that loves winners. Whether it’s the Stars or the Mavs or the Cowboys – and hopefully someday it’s going to be the Rangers again – there’s a lot more interest when they feel like you’re going to win.”

  5. You know, this all actually totally rocks for the Stars in a sport that got totally deserted by fairweather fans due to a real world labor dispute. I’m sorry, Tom Hicks may suck and all (he does!), but you don’t need to rain on the joy parade of the Stars kicking ass.

    The Stars look really really REALLY good right now, btw. best I’ve seen them since 2000….

  6. I am not the die hard Hockey fan say the Hockey Guru is, but its nice to watch a team play outstanding in the playoffs.

  7. the rangers need to leave texasa f baseball!!

  8. oh btw if the rangres hire a pitcher i give you my word i will WILL attend a few rangers game…until then F baseball!

  9. wasn’t this post about hockey, not baseball….?

    Oh, wait, I forgot, the hockey hatin’ Liverdamage wanted to hijack it with an anti Tom Hocks rant. Seriously, it’s about the F’n Stars, yo!!!!!

    Go Stars!!!!

  10. i didn’t say anything until the owners reinforced my belief anyone supporting the NHL (not hockey itself) is being taken to the bank… not 1 damn thing all season long.

    every time gary bettman touches the cup, it is a disgrace to the thing you love.

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