And So It Begins…


Avery Johnson and the Mavs have parted ways.. My next question is who will he be replaced by? Its to bad Larry Brown was snatched up by the Bobcats earlier this week. I’m sure Avery has to be happy about one thing, he will no longer have the owner sitting 5ft away from him behind the bench. This move comes as no surprise to anyone.. Speculations have been building for the last few weeks about his job security with the team. Ok Cuban, who is next? Josh Howard, Jet, You gonna pick up Kidd’s option?? Are you going to clip your GM? With zero help coming in the draft, whats your next move???

I wonder if Cuban is pondering his next move, while he is up in Chicago today watching the Cubs play.. Since he is still a potential buyer of the Cubs..

ron washington

Texas Rangers skipper Ron Washington finds himself on the hot seat also. With the Rangers sitting 9 games under 500 at the end of April, I look for Washington to be next in line for the firing squad!


Dave Tippett is the only safe coach at this present moment. Up 3-0 in the western conference semi finals.. Tippett has pretty much secured his spot with the Stars next season. GO STARS!!!

Just for you Richie Rich.. A picture of Tippett sporting his 70’s stash!


4 Responses

  1. The wife and I were talking last night and said then, he’s a goner, 1st thing in the AM, and sure enough, adios Avery…

  2. dude if the mavs hire someone on the inside, the mavs are going to be the dallas cowobys of the dave campo years

  3. I had the Mavs game on a side tv, and the Stars game on the other side tv.. and I forget what we were watching on the main tv.. but I told my wife that Avery is gone.. I’m just not sure when..

    I will agree WB. IF we hire someone from inside, welcome Campo years… Bad thing about this situation.. is that the coaching pool is very very shallow this year.

    The next few weeks will be very interesting.. I expect Josh Howard to be packing up and getting gone very soon!


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