And So It Begins…


Avery Johnson and the Mavs have parted ways.. My next question is who will he be replaced by? Its to bad Larry Brown was snatched up by the Bobcats earlier this week. I’m sure Avery has to be happy about one thing, he will no longer have the owner sitting 5ft away from him behind the bench. This move comes as no surprise to anyone.. Speculations have been building for the last few weeks about his job security with the team. Ok Cuban, who is next? Josh Howard, Jet, You gonna pick up Kidd’s option?? Are you going to clip your GM? With zero help coming in the draft, whats your next move???

I wonder if Cuban is pondering his next move, while he is up in Chicago today watching the Cubs play.. Since he is still a potential buyer of the Cubs..

ron washington

Texas Rangers skipper Ron Washington finds himself on the hot seat also. With the Rangers sitting 9 games under 500 at the end of April, I look for Washington to be next in line for the firing squad!


Dave Tippett is the only safe coach at this present moment. Up 3-0 in the western conference semi finals.. Tippett has pretty much secured his spot with the Stars next season. GO STARS!!!

Just for you Richie Rich.. A picture of Tippett sporting his 70’s stash!


Mavs Down 3-1 In Series…

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs visit New Orleans tonight to *with any hope* have the final nail put in the coffin for this season. This Hornets team has pretty much had their way with the Mavs. Hell game two in the series the entire Hornets bench, coach included was laughing at the Mavs after the Hornet got up by about 20 or so. I’m a realistic Mavs fan. If they are having this much trouble in round one.. how could they expect to go on, on the off chance they were actually able to get past the Hornets.

If this is the end of the season, with any luck Cuban will make the necessary changes first thing in the morning!

*sidenote* Its to bad were not playing the Spurs.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

dallas mavericks

Quick Thoughts…

Gonna keep today short and sweet.. Gotta get ready for the draft tomorrow. I will be doing a *live blog* tomorrow.. Atleast thru the first two rounds. So whats on the schedule for tonight other then trying to finish my draft board?

-Stars begin their western conferenceย  semi final series tonight in San Jose

– Mavs try to avoid getting beat like a red headed step child by the Hornets here at home.

So lets go Stars, and Mavs.. and ladies and gentleman.. ITS FINALLY DRAFT WEEKEND!!!

WTF Was I Thinking???

New logo

You know back when the Jason Kidd deal started to take shape, and look like it was going to go thru I wrote this article. Now looking back, WTF was I thinking??? Can we have Devin Harris back? You know Devin Harris may never be a hall of fame point guard, but atleast he can shoot the ball. Harris is also not afraid to drive the lane. Lets also put this out on the table.. Chris Paul has made Jason Kidd his bitch for as long as Chris Paul wants him to be his bitch! Yet another reason to want Harris back, Harris could atleast keep up with Paul.

The Mavs got drummed last night, and you can take your pick from the reasons why..

– Out hustled

-Out shot

-No answer for Chris Paul

This list can go on and on.. I think its more the no answer for Chris Paul, but thats just me. Since the Kidd trade, this team has gone back to settling for the jump-shot, rather then driving the lane. This was a problem when Don Nelson was here. Run down the court, pull up from 20ft out, and hope they make it. Avery finally broke them of this last year.. they were more aggressive.. this year the Mavs get down by more then about 8, and its jump-shot central.

With Dirk coming back early from a high ankle sprain against Golden State, knowing the Mavs need a win to get them into the playoffs.. Dirk is finally showing heart, and a mental toughness.. Since he has been back.. he is about the only bright point on this team right now. This team is built around Dirk, and thats only obvious in this playoff series. He has had ZERO help in this series.

Josh Howard – has not been much help since the Kidd trade.. couple of good games, but nothing to write home about

Jerry Stackhouse – has been hurt off and on for the last few months.. doesn’t seem to be able to get back into a rhythm

Jason Terry – has not played at the level we are used to seeing him play at

Jason Kidd – openly admits he needs to shoot the ball more? WHY? your shooting percentage is horrible! If the game is close, or on the line.. you sir are the LAST person I want to shoot the ball!!

Eric Dampier – Actually looks average since the Kidd trade.. hey average is a step up for Damp..

Avery Johnson better get a line up that works real quick. If this team is one and done again this year, you can believe that Mark Cuban will clean house. Starting with Avery!!

Mav’s/Hornets Game 1…


The Mavericks start the quest for the title *chuckles* tonight in New Orleans. Hey I’m a Mavs fan, but I really don’t have all that great a feeling about this team making a deep run in the playoffs. Should they get by the Hornets? Yes.. based on the fact they have playoff experience, while the Hornets are a young team. Course when you have CP3 on your team, it doesn’t matter what kinda playoff experience you have.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

*EDIT* Chris Paul made Jason Kidd his bitch in game one. Hornets lead series 1-0 ๐Ÿ™‚

Good Night To Be Dallas Fan…

Last night was a good night to be a fan in Dallas. The Stars lay the beat down on the defending Stanley Cup champion Ducks. The Mavericks pull out the last second win against the Utah Jazz.. to clinch a playoff spot, for those of you keeping score.. this will make the 8th consecutive season the Mavs make the playoffs. Now on to the real shocker of last night.. Your Texas Rangers swept the Orioles in a double header last night..

Marty Turco

Marty Turco turned in a stellar *shutout* performance last night. The Stars as a team played outstanding to go up 1-0 in their first round playoff series against the Ducks. The Stars 4 goals all came off power play opportunities. Game two in the series will be tomorrow night. If your a Stars fan, lets hope the guys keep that killer instinct! Remember the Stars are calling for a *black out* for game 3, here in Dallas on 4/15. Need tickets? Texas Tickets and Ticketmaster are still showing to have tickets available..


Your Dallas Mavericks pull out the win against Utah at home last night 97-94. Dirk drains a 3 pointer with 0.9 seconds left to avoid overtime. Dirk goes for 32 points in last nights effort. I would like to thank the Nuggets for helping the Mavs make the playoffs by beating Golden State last night. The Mavs finally look like they are playing like a team after the Jason Kidd trade. Lets hope they can carry this momentum into the playoffs..


Now on to the shocker of the night.. Your Texas Rangers win 2 games.. IN THE SAME DAY?? Ron Washington is now over 500 for the first time in his Head Coaching career. I never thought I would say this, but the Rangers bullpen has not been to bad this year. Hopefully the bats can stay atleast warm to get some runs on the board to return the favor for the good pitching..

NBA 08′ Hall Of Fame Class..

The Class of ’08 for the Basketball Hall of Fame includes players Adrian Dantley, Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon, coaches Pat Riley and Cathy Rush, and contributors Bill Davidson and Dick Vitale.

All great players, coaches, and figures from the media. I am kinda partial to one of the players thou. One of the top 5 centers to every play the game, as far as I am concerned. Not only one hell of a player, but a great role model. You never heard of him getting in trouble off the court. I could only be talking about one man. A member of the BACK TO BACK NBA Champion Houston Rockets.. Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon!!! Please enjoy the highlight video I found. After I watched this video I think we should change his nickname to “Get that outta here”! ๐Ÿ˜‰