No Sweep In Dallas…


Well the San Jose Sharks fend off the sweep last night, sending the game back to the shark tank tomorrow night. I’m no hockey expert, but both teams looked tired at times last night. If your a Stars fan, lets hope they can close out the series tomorrow night, so they can get atleast a few days rest..


And So It Begins…


Avery Johnson and the Mavs have parted ways.. My next question is who will he be replaced by? Its to bad Larry Brown was snatched up by the Bobcats earlier this week. I’m sure Avery has to be happy about one thing, he will no longer have the owner sitting 5ft away from him behind the bench. This move comes as no surprise to anyone.. Speculations have been building for the last few weeks about his job security with the team. Ok Cuban, who is next? Josh Howard, Jet, You gonna pick up Kidd’s option?? Are you going to clip your GM? With zero help coming in the draft, whats your next move???

I wonder if Cuban is pondering his next move, while he is up in Chicago today watching the Cubs play.. Since he is still a potential buyer of the Cubs..

ron washington

Texas Rangers skipper Ron Washington finds himself on the hot seat also. With the Rangers sitting 9 games under 500 at the end of April, I look for Washington to be next in line for the firing squad!


Dave Tippett is the only safe coach at this present moment. Up 3-0 in the western conference semi finals.. Tippett has pretty much secured his spot with the Stars next season. GO STARS!!!

Just for you Richie Rich.. A picture of Tippett sporting his 70’s stash!

Lets Go Stars!!!

Stars Time 2008

Lets go Stars.. The Stars find themselves up 2-0 in their western conference semi finals series against the San Jose Sharks.  Game three in the series is tonight here in Dallas. Lets home the Stars put the foot further on the throat of the sharks!

Stars Up 2-0 In Series…

Stars Win Banner

Well the Stars were able to steal two games from the Sharks in the fishtank over the weekend. Atleast the Stars can give Dallas fans some hope, as the Mavs will be exiting the playoffs tomorrow night. LETS GO STARS!!!

Quick Thoughts…

Gonna keep today short and sweet.. Gotta get ready for the draft tomorrow. I will be doing a *live blog* tomorrow.. Atleast thru the first two rounds. So whats on the schedule for tonight other then trying to finish my draft board?

-Stars begin their western conference  semi final series tonight in San Jose

– Mavs try to avoid getting beat like a red headed step child by the Hornets here at home.

So lets go Stars, and Mavs.. and ladies and gentleman.. ITS FINALLY DRAFT WEEKEND!!!

Western Confrence Semi Finals…

Dallas Stars

Well after the beatdown the Sharks put on the Flames last night, The Stars will be heading out to San Jose for game one in the Western Confrence Semi Finals Friday night.. According to the Hockey Guru, this will be a very physical game. He actually wanted to see the Stars play Demon’s beloved Avs.. If your a Stars fan, lets hope we continue to see Turco play outstanding, and our bench keep playing lights out.

Now this news should get all Stars fans excited.. After being out for 2+ months.. Sergei Zubov was out on the ice for practice yesterday! It is still unknown if Zubie will be able to play in this series, but it sure is nice to have him as an option 🙂

Stars Bounce Ducks…

dallas stars playoffs banner

Congrats to the Dallas Stars on their series win against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Ducks. I would also like to thank the Stars for giving us Dallas fans *Advancement* in the playoffs. We were getting all to used to the *one and done* 😉