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Thursday Funny


*Submitted By Ol Broad*

Ever Wonder?


Ever wonder how big a pile of money you have to pay to the Commissioner’s office, just  to have all those high price players on your team?  The Luxury Tax, checks  aka *Baseballs piss poor attempt at a salary cap* are due by January 31st.. Not to worry.. your favorite teams owners won’t even break a sweat writing out a $30+ Million dollar check.. 😉

Clemens on 60 Minutes?


Ok so lets recap.. Mitchell Report is released.. Roger Clemens is mentioned for Steroid/HGH use. According to Brian McNamee, a former trainer of Clemens.. He injected Clemens during his time with the Blue Jays, and Yankees.. Hours after the names were leaked.. Roger Clemens lawyer releases a statement stating his client denies all accusations he ever used performance enhancing steroids.. Ya think? What else was he going to do, tell the truth? Maybe Clemens came clean on 60 minutes.. set to air on the 6th of January *sets up dvr*

Now Clemens lawyer says he has hired a private investigator  to try and destroy the credibility of Brian McNamee.. Newsflash.. your P.I. is not going to find anything out about McNamee that the feds don’t already know.. Keep in mind.. when McNamee talked to Mitchell and his team.. He was told if you lie about any information your giving us.. your pretty much screwed! Now I realize the old saying  goes “Innocent until proven guilty” but that theory has been thrown under the bus when it comes to athletes and steroid use..

*Emails Clemens Lawyer* Stop wasting your clients time and money, *not that he is hurting for it* and schedule a meeting with Mitchell and his team.. or even better strap his ass to a lie detector.. if he has done nothing wrong, as he claims.. he has nothing to worry about.. With each passing day, your clients reputation becomes more, and more tarnished.. If someone said they stuck me in the ass with a needle 2-4 times a week.. and it wasn’t true.. I would do everything in my power to clear my name.. Especially if I was a guaranteed 1st ballot hall of famer!


A fan in desperate need of the truth!



*Submitted By Ol Broad*

Wednesday Funny




*Submitted by Ol Broad*