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WOW !! Pimp My Ride – The Dallas Stars Way

Talk about a heck of a 21st birthday gift from teammates. Priceless !!! Dallas Stars do a Pimp My Ride makeover to rookie D-man Matt Niskanen as a birthday gift. Only downside is he may have to rebuy his own vehicle as there are talks about putting it up for auction. LOL

A lil late, but……


Well I just wanted to give a big shout out to Sergei Zubov. After my post last week on Zubie not getting any attention around the league, a weird chain of events happened, lol. Much to my surprise, myself and a few of the guys from Icks Corner went to the Dallas Stars game versus the LA Kings. The thing that made me laugh was it was Zubov night, where he was was presented with a little cermony before the game for reaching 600 assist. I felt kinda special since I acknowledged this D man before hand. The kicker to end off the week was when the NHL named him the 2nd star out of 3 stars around the league for the week. Zubov capped off a great week with 1 goal and 7 assist in gaining this honor. Way to go ZUBIE !!!!!

Goons Beware !!!!!

New York Islanders forward Chris Simon has been suspended for 30 games, without pay. Why you ask, well for purposely kicking Pittsburgh Penguins forward Jarkko Ruutu on December 15, 2007. Simon will be able to return to NHL play in two months (February 21, 2008 vs. Tampa Bay). The league has said several factors were considered in imposing the longest suspension in NHL history for an on-ice incident. It was fortunate there was no serious injury to Ruutu as a result of Simon’s action, the intentional act of kicking an opponent with an exposed skate blade, especially where the opponent is in a open position, is and always has been a totally unacceptable in the game of hockey. While the act itself was extremely dangerous, the fact that this is the eighth incident requiring discipline on Simon compelled me to impose a very serious question. How big of an idiot do you have to be? When a player repeatedly shows the lack of ability to control his actions and conducts himself in total disregard of the rules, as well the health and safety of other players on the ice, each incident is brought forth and put under enhanced scrutiny and will get you a more severe punishment. DUH !!!!!  Based on his average annual pay, and the fact that he is considered a repeat offender, Simon looks to lose around if not more a figure estimated to be at least $292,683.00 of his pay. The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund. Goons have been long gone from the new NHL so Simon I know you are eligible to come back, but do us all a favor and DON’T!!! I am sure there is a minor club who would love to have you. You sir get the DEE DEE DEE award of the year.

Time to Show More Love to Zubov !!!!!

Yeah I was reading about the voting going on for the NHL All-Star game. I started thinking about the players and relaized something about Stars D-Man Sergei Zubov.

He’s never won a Norris Trophy. Actually, he’s never even been runner-up. He’s third in career points among active defensemen. His passing game is among the very best in the league. He’s routinely among the leading offensive defensemen in the league. Right now he actually leads all NHL D-Men in scoring.

So why is it Dallas Stars vet Sergei Zubov never gets the same kind of attention as Norris Trophy candidates Nicklas Lidstrom, Chris Pronger or Scott Niedermayer?

Zubies 760 career points (152-608) are third among active blue-liners behind only Chris Chelios and Lidstrom. The 37 year old Moscow native leads all NHL D-men this season with 28 points (4-24) in 31 games, two more than Lidstrom. But he ranks only ninth among the D being picked to play for the Western Conference all-star game in the fan balloting.

Is he overlooked?

No doubt. That’s the biggest understatement I’ve heard in a long time,But he doesn’t mind. He has always been one who wants his teams stats to do the talking for him. Zubov has been lost in the Lidstrom/Pronger/Niedermayer shuffle all decade long. His only Norris Trophy nomination came in 2005-06 and he finished third. The last defenseman not named Lidstrom, Pronger or Niedermayer to win a Norris was Al MacInnis in 1999. But talk to people around the league, and they will tell you that he belongs in the same class as Lidstrom, Pronger and Niedermayer.

His skill and his skating and his shooting, there’s no better than I can really think of. Not to mention how he can quaterback his team when they are on the power play. It’s not just about offense with Zubie. He controls the game. He anticipates plays. His passing skills are Lidstrom-like. Other NHL coaches drool over the chance to have a blue-liner kickstart the transition game like Zubov can.

Zubov came into the league in 1992-93 with the New York Rangers very much an offensive player, putting up a career-high 89 points (12-77) in 78 games in 1993-94, the year the Rangers won the Stanley Cup. He’s had to work hard on becoming better defensively, a slow but sure transformation that in the last several years has made him the complete player that he is.

The Hockey Hall of Fame may beckon one day, which surely will surprise many given the lack of notoriety Zubov received during his career. There is no doubt he desreves to be in the hall when he does hang up his skates and no doubt he deserves better than where he is in All-Star Voting.

Answer to Tues Trivia

Who was the first player to post a hundred point season for an NHL team that recorded less than 20 wins?



your answer is:


 Joe Sakic.

Quebec Nordiques 1990-1991 season.