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Clemens Has New Worries


Seems there is someone else who is most likely going to be questioned in regards to Roger Clemens and steroid use.. Brian Mcnamee made Jim Murray aware of his concerns about the Rockets steroid use back in 2004. Oh yeah.. Jim Murray is on the Clemens agents payroll.. On the off chance Clemens didn’t use anything.. *chuckles* he could get buried by the fact.. if enough people say the same thing.. it must be true.. or atleast that’s the way it goes in society today! Especially in the baseball world!!

Your Texas Rangers!


The Texas Rangers have released there plans for 2008, and have been nice enough to provide us with a list of various promotional nights  to look forward to.. Some of the fan favorites.. $1 Hotdog night, Free admission for kids under 13, Dr Pepper Autograph Wednesday.. ect.. sounds pretty good right?? What are they forgetting to tell us??

For the third straight season.. they are RAISING ticket prices!! Now my number 1 question is why? We don’t have a winning team out on the field.. The Rangers have signed no free agents to get our “sports pants going crazy”.. What have the Rangers done to justify this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They are not trying to renovate the stadium.. they are not using this extra money to sign anyone.. Latest possible sign that is in the works.. is Jason Jennings… a right handed pitcher from the Astros who is coming off a season where he had elbow problems??

I can understand taking a chance on Eric Gagne.. great risk/great reward.. and we got him at the bare minimum.. Gagne was great prior to his two shoulder surgeries.. who the hell is Jason Jennings? Tom Hicks is not interested in winning, only making money.. that is only Obvious not only  here.. but in Liverpool as well.. Lets raise the ticket prices, give the fans ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in return.. and expect them to still come out.. Right.. Well Mr Hicks.. I along with several other fans not only here, but in Liverpool.. give you the one fingered salute!

Please do us all a favor and sell the team to Mark Cuban! Better yet.. sell the team to Liverdamage.. so he can fire John Daniels, and the rest of your staff.. LiverDamage’s first, and second executive decisions will be to bring in the great Slasc as the G.M., and bring in Mr. Boyd as a talent scout! Between the 3 of them.. they would have a better chance of making this team a winner, then you sir!

Pure Greatness!

Screw the Mitchell Report.. this is all the proof the fans need about Roger Clemens!

Roger Clemens had this to say about having his name published in the Mitchell Report..

The List Of Names..*Updated*


  Thanks to the guys over at Sports Conversation.. Here is the list of names that are on the list.. There were alot of “No Shit.. like we didnt already know that” names on this list. Others are on this list due to surgery.. Like Kerry Wood and Mark Prior for example!

Brady Anderson                           Manny Alexander

Rick Ankiel                                    Jeff Bagwell

Barry Bonds                                  Aaron Boone

Rafael Bettancourt                       Bret Boone

Milton Bradley                              David Bell

Dante Bichette                              Albert Belle

Paul Byrd                                      Wil Cordero

Ken Caminiti                                 Mike Cameron

Ramon Castro                              Jose Canseco

Ozzie Canseco                              Roger Clemens

Paxton Crawford                        Wilson Delgado

Lenny Dykstra                            Johnny Damon

Carl Everett                                 Kyle Farnsworth

Ryan Franklin                             Troy Glaus

Rich Garces                                 Jason Grimsley

Juan Gonzalez                             Eric Gagne

Nomar Garciaparra                    Jason Giambi

Jeremy Giambi                           Jose Guillen

Jay Gibbons                                Juan Gonzalez

Clay Hensley                              Jerry Hairston

Felix Heredia, Jr.                      Darren Holmes

Wally Joyner                              Darryl Kile

Matt Lawton                             Raul Mondesi

Mark McGwire                         Guillermo Mota

Robert Machado                       Damian Moss

Abraham Nunez                       Trot Nixon

Jose Offerman                          Andy Pettitte

Mark Prior                                Nifi Perez

Rafael Palmiero                        Albert Pujols

Brian Roberts                          Juan Rincon

John Rocker                            Pudge Rodriguez

Sammy Sosa                            Scott Sc hoenweiis

David Segui                              Alex Sanchez

Gary Sheffield                         Miguel Tejada

Julian Tavarez                         Fernando Tatis

Maurice Vaughn                      Jason Varitek

Ismael Valdez                          Matt Williams

Kerry Wood

Here is the 409 page Mitchell Report