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Around The NFL


Quick points of interest from around the league today!

Mike Holmgren is coming back next season in Seattle

Jim Fassel to have second interview with the Redskins

Jon Gruden signed thru 2011

Sparano continues to raid Cowboys pantry

Tony Dungy Comes Back For One More Season!


Even with an early exit from the playoffs.. Colts fans  can find a bright spot in the fact that Tony Dungy has decided  to come back for atleast one more season. This is great for the organization.. it also appears that when Tony Dungy is ready to step down, he will hand the team over to Jim Caldwell. I think this is a wonderful move by the Colts. Its probably always easier to know who the next head coach will be.. instead of having to go out and find one, and hope he is a good fit for your team.

My Popcorn Is Now Burnt!


The stage is set in Arizona.. Can’t say that I’m happy about the Packers loss.. Even more disappointed my Cowboys are not making travel arrangements. Before I get into this post, let me just say this.. Yes I said earlier this week in a post I wrote.. the Giants have a snowballs chance in hell of making it out of Lambeau with a win.. *someone pass me the mustard, since I have to eat my words* Congrats to the Giants on one hell of a game. Young Eli played very smart, protected the ball, and made some good decisions.

I watched both games today, and I must say there was a big difference in the officiating crews for both games.. The Patriots/Chargers game.. there were no tick tacky flags thrown.. The refs let them play.. I wish I could say the same for the Giants/Green Bay game.. Non the less.. I will not take away a thrilling victory from the Giants, or their fans.. 3 road wins later.. The Giants have punched their ticket to Arizona.. I wonder if Peyton will be at the game to support his little brother, as Eli was there in support for Peyton last season.

So lets break down the Superthud.. I mean Superbowl.. It would be nice to see Junior Seau finally get a Superbowl ring, with the career he’s had.. but man that would mean the Patriots win, and let me make this clear.. me not wanting to see the Patriots win has nothing to do with the fact they would tie the Cowboys for number of Superbowl wins.. just so were clear on that part.. It has to do with the media beating that will follow.. 19-0, greatest team ever, ect ect ect.. Plus add in the fact that I can’t stand Bill Belichick.. So there you have it.. I find myself having to say the same thing again.. “Eli your our only hope”!

Pick Me One Up At The Store?


*Swiped From Ol Broad*

Quick Hits Of Interest!

Stories worth a read 😉

Ernie Holmes… former Steeler great dies at age 59!

Georgia Frontiere… Former Rams owner that moved the team St. Louis dies at age 80!

Herschel Walker suffers from multiple personalities..

Jim Mora pulls hat out of running for Redskins Head Coach  search….

John Harbaugh has been hired to be the Ravens new Head Coach.. this coming a day after Garrett decides to stay with the Cowboys!

Stubblefield Pleads Guilty


Dana Stubblefield pled guilty to one count of lying to federal agents about using performance enhancing drugs during an ongoing Balco investigation.. His sentence could be no jail time to 6 months? Guess lying to the feds isn’t as big a deal as most would make it out to be.. 😉