The Guys Of The Corner

The Guys Of Icks Corner


Left to Right..

Rob aka Liver Damage <writer>

Pat aka Demon <adviser/part of the Dallas Stars Organization>

Elvis aka Hockey Guru<writer>

Jason aka Baloo/Ick <writer and creator>


Silent E <writer>


Phil – Technical Support


5 Responses

  1. yeah boy !!! them there fellas is a couple of bad mamba jambas

  2. Couple of?? Looks like Vatos Locos + 2 crackers to me.. *looks at Pat and Rob* hehehehe

  3. looks like a commie loving bastard, 2 whites and a jewish vato……

  4. Just wanted you to know I enjoy your site and I’ve added you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work.
    The Sultan on Sports

  5. Thanks Sultan… I enjoy yours as well!!

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