The Great QB Debate


LD and I got into a nice little debate earlier this week about the development of Eli Manning.. LD says he feels young Eli is in the top ten this year.. So I found this little breakdown on You can sort this list by various stats.. I will say this.. Eli is in the top ten for some stats.. One I’m sure the Giants coaching staff, and fans hope he defiantly improves on.  Enjoy the list 😉




So we all got to witness history last night.. The New England Patirots have gone 16-0 in the regular season . YIPPIE!  I’m sure I should be more enthusiastic about the history I saw last night.. sorry..if you want a touchy feely story about how great the Patriots are.. You should go read elsewhere.. If your a true Patriots fan, and not just someone that jumped on the band wagon when they started winning Superbowls… or even about halfway thru this season.. then I’m sure your hungover somewhere form the celebration. Watching this Patriots team over this season has done nothing other then prove the punishment handed down by Roger Goodell for the whole *spygate* scandal was a JOKE!  It means nothing for a team that is stacked at every position to loose a draft pick, and a fine.. no matter how big.. means nothing these days!  So congrats to the Patriots.. Here is your real story from last night..

Eli Manning! That is your story from last night.. Eli looked damn good, and must have read our debate a few days ago.. WOW! Eli made all the throws he was supposed to, and managed the game very well.. I won’t say that I am 100% sold on Eli yet.. but I will say this.. If he played like that consistently.. because thats the key word with Eli.. I would worry every single time the Cowboys played the Giants!

Congrats to the Patriots for their undefeated season.. I send major kudos to the New York Giants.. they played at a 110% level in a meaningless game!

Now the real fun begins.. The Playoffs.. 16-0 will mean nothing if the Patriots don’t win the Superbowl!

*EDIT* Had to link this one.. This is All Talk Sports take on the Patriots 16-0 season.. Great video clip!

Quick Points Of Interest!


Ok, so Im watching the game, and I have a couple of questions..

 1. Is this going to be yet another game where the ref’s call every tick tacky f**king play to help the Patriots out?

2. Is a ref every gonna throw a f**king flag on Randy Moss for the OBVIOUS pass interference??

More to come!

Friday Funny


You are driving in a car at a constant speed.  On your left side is a ‘drop off’, (The ground is 18-20 inches below the level you are traveling on), and on your right side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you.  In front of you is a galloping horse, which is the same size as your car and you cannot overtake it.  Behind you is a galloping zebra.  Both the horse and zebra are also traveling at the same speed as you.  What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation?

For the answer, click and drag your mouse from star to star

* Get your drunk-ass off the merry-go-round. *

*Submitted by Supastar*

Week 16 Winner


Ok as promised.. here is your totals for week 16… I’m still scratching my head about this one..  Week 16 Winner is Johnnie! Congrats buddy!!

Johnnie – 12

Phil – 11

Elvis – 11

Lajitas – 11

Jason – 9

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We feel your pain Liverpool!!!

We really tried to warn you Liverpool… not that it would have mattered much, it was going to happen one way or another. Maybe the shock wouldn’t have been so bad if word had made its way across the pond. Your love was going to be marginalized into a billionaire’s profit margin whether you liked it or not.

Apparently thousands of fans protesting in the streets (old news) and an open letter documenting the disgust of the 8 month history and his ownership’s P.R. lies (new link) has proved to be effective on the money grubbing bastard… not in the productive way though… you guess it, we’ve got another gold inappropriate quote to add to the list of gems spewed from this asshole’s mouth. Liverpool, I’ll get to his response to you… but 1st lets play follow the quotes:

When Tom Hicks started “losing” money because of his bad decisions, Tom Hicks tried his best to cut his monetary losses at the expense of the Texas Rangers. He tries to trade A-Rod but finds no immediate success. He settles our fan outrage about attempting to give away our best player and league MVP by telling us “Obviously, absolutely there are no trade talks and this trade has been put to bed. We are in a go-forward position with Alex. He is here for seven years and we will go forward.”

This, of course, would be a blatant LIE to the fans as 2 weeks later A-Rod is dumped to New York… this of course will allow the Texas Rangers “Financial flexibility” to acquire new top tier talent. 4 years later, this “Financial flexibility” has produced exactly 1 multiyear free agent signing: the incredibly average Kevin Millwood.

After the Rangers fans catch onto the “Financial flexibility” lie, we’re told the honest truth… after all, redundant 4th place finishes in a 4 team division requires something to give the fans hope: “if our revenue grows in the off-season, our payroll will grow with it.” WHAT?!? Let me get this correct… the fans need to support a historically bad franchise and if we improve profit margins, THEN the ownership will make the monetary investment it requires to acquire top level talent. Investing would be the wrong word here… excess profit reallocation would be a better term.

It’s OK though, in Tom Hick’s mind: “You don’t even have to win a championship every year to draw the fans. You just have to show you’re really trying.” More 4th place finishes and a lowered payroll would certainly indicate that ownership isn’t trying… but there is no significant drop in attendance.  So Tom Hicks is once again proven wrong… you don’t need to pretend you’re trying to win. I’m so glad he came to this epiphany, but I’m even more happy he decided to tell us about it: “This business has to do with fan affinity and brand devotion. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with winning.”

OK, so to maximize the sports profitability, Tom Hicks will need to get some fan affinity… lets see, we’ve tried building it around a frugal losing team and that didn’t work… how could Mr. Hicks possibly get some “fan affinity and brand devotion”? Developing a winner seems to difficult and risky… I know, BUY A LEGENDARY FRANCHISE THAT ALREADY HAS THOSE QUALITIES!!! Hey, soccer is the worlds biggest sport with the most rabid fans. Tom Hicks can purchase one of the best clubs in history, Liverpool!

Ya know what would be great Mr. Hicks? If you told us all about how smart you are to buy these prepackaged fans: “There’s no way either of my two teams’ fans have the level of intense passion that Liverpool has. I want them to. Hopefully, someday they will.” That will make all us in Dallas really want to be bigger fans and spend more money on your losers!

So now Tom Hicks has it all, a franchise “with fan affinity and brand devotion. It
doesn’t necessarily have to do with winning.” Whats this?!? Liverpool fans are interested in something that has to do with winning? Maybe its time to rethink this purchasing a prepackaged fanbase… “Hicks could have purchased Dallas’ MLS franchise but decided not to. ‘In hindsight, I probably made the wrong decision,’ he said.“. That’ll make ya feel better Liverpool fans, your new owner is now thinking he’d rather have purchased a running punchline in Dallas than your franchise.

Liverpool faithful: I invite you to “The Tom Hicks Era”