The Ohio State University

Note to self.. Perhaps talking bad about your former students in a job interview.. is probably notย the best thing to do!

Job Interview


NFL Draft 08?

I always like finding these Draft breakdowns, especially before the season even starts! ๐Ÿ™‚

Fantasy Football

Yet another article I found that will help all you Fantasy Football GM’s ๐Ÿ™‚

Hot Seat

John Gruden, and Tom Coughlin start the season on the hot seat. That is a deserving place for both coaches to be. Yes Gruden won a championship with the Bucs.. but Im still of the opinion that he was handed that championship.. Just like Barry Switzer was handed one here in Dallas! And don’t get me started on Coughlin.. I’m just glad he is coaching a division rival!

Key Moves

This is a breakdown of all offensive off season additions to all your favorite teams!ย  Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Key Moves

Strahan still pondering!

Word in New York is Strahan still undecided in whether he is coming back, or retiring.. I have heard several story’s about why he is still holding out.. More money, being one.. Another being that he is starting to second guess what he is doing there.. I think Strahans age is starting to play a factor in this.. He said on Tuesday, that if he is not on the field 100% mentally.. then he puts himself and his team in danger.. Strahan is a major staple of the New York’s defense.. and being a Cowboys fan.. I can’t say I would be unhappy if he retired.. I just hope that if he comes back.. its for the right reasons..


Hockey Guru comes to Ick’s Corner

Ok.. I admit I am not the Hockey lover.. I am still learning about the game.. Wondering what am I going to do come Hockey season to keep the fans entertained.. I went to the guru of Hockey.. and biggest Dallas Stars fan I know.. My best-friend Elvis, to seek his wisdom on the subject. He told me that he had been checking in with my blog “every once in awhile” *shakes head* and likes what I’m doing here. He then asked.. “what are you going to do for Hockey season”, I replied “I’m glad you asked” ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I am proud to announce come Hockey season.. You will have the Guru of Hockey feeding all your stats, news, and discussions. That’s right.. for Hockey Season Elvis has agreed to be a “guest columnist” here at Ick’s Corner.. I promise all you Hockey fans will not be disappointed!