Chicken Little lives in Houston


So by now.. you all know the Longhorns got rolled up and smoked like a “roll your own cigarette” yesterday by KSU! This was waiting for me in my email this morning.. I had to share this, because I couldn’t stop laughing about the “Chicken Little” reference!!

Well, I tried. I tried to warn folks down here that Texas better worry about KSU, and not get caught up in looking ahead. Did they listen? Noooooo, they just wanted to talk about Oct.6th. Well, I now know how Chicken Little must have felt. Only this time the sky came tumbling down like the meteorite that gave scientist the theory about how the dinosaurs died. Kudos to Coach Prince and his staff. They have the real deal working up there, and I hope they win the rest of their games, and go to a BCS bowl. They deserve it. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m starting to feel the chill of an early fall. I’m headed for the bottle of tequila to warm my inner soul and lick my wounds.

Life’s mostly scars and souvenirsLajitas


NFL gets in Roy Williams Pocket


Answer me this.. If you have a rule named after you.. Why would you continue to do it? Roy Williams was fined $12,500 for his “horse-collar” tackle on Desmond Clark in last weeks game against Chicago… This marks the SECOND time in two seasons that he has been fined for his own rule!  The picture above is a classic horse-collar tackle.. Roy broke T.O.’s leg with this tackle a few seasons back.. I wonder if Roy told T.O. when he was signed by the Cowboys.. “If you step outta line.. Ill snap your leg like a twig again”!!!

Roys Fine

All Alone!!


No doubt Brett Farve has become a legend in Packer country.. Well he etches his name into the record books again.. In the first quarter against the Vikings.. Farve passes up Dan Mario for the all time touchdown passing record.. Which now stands at 421 and counting!  Congrats Farve!!!

Funny of the Day Part 2


After an 0-5 start.. Even Jesus Christ has thrown Notre Dame under the bus!!

Thanks Elvis!!

Funny of the Day!


 I welcome the Sunday, that I don’t see Peyton Manning every other commercial!!

Thanks Ol Broad!

week 4 bets

i didn’t calculate out last weeks bets, i know i was down big… jason was evenish if i remember correctly… onto this week, and i’ll calculate it… promise

heres the odds, i’ll post in comments again

Favorite     Line     O/U     Underdog
Baltimore     4     40     at Cleveland
at Carolina     3     39 1/2     Tampa Bay
Chicago     3     45     at Detroit
at Dallas     13     46     St. Louis
Green Bay     1 1/2     38     at Minnesota
Houston     3     39     at Atlanta
at Indianapolis    9 1/2     46     Denver
at Miami     4     41 1/2     Oakland
NY Jets     3 1/2     37     at Buffalo
Philadelphia     3     47 1/2     at NY Giants
Pittsburgh     6     41 1/2     at Arizona
at San Diego     11 1/2     38 1/2     Kansas City
Seattle     2     41     at San Francisco
New England     7     53     at Cincinnati

NFL Picks Week 4


Still scratching my head, and with my confidence rattled after an 8-8 week.. I pull myself out of the fetal position.. and present my picks for week 4..

Baltimore (X)vs Cleveland
Chicago vs Detroit(X)
Green Bay(X) vs Minnesota
Houston (X)vs Atlanta
N.Y. Jets(X) vs Buffalo
Oakland(X) vs Miami
St. Louis vs Dallas(X)
Seattle(X) vs San Francisco
Tampa Bay(X) vs Carolina
Denver vs Indianapolis(X)
Kansas City vs San Diego(X)
Pittsburgh(X) vs Arizona
Philadelphia vs N.Y. Giants(X)

New England(X) vs Cincinnati