The Days Of Clemens Life Episode 3…


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Episode three opens with Roger Clemens back in the news with new allegations he and once country superstar Mindy McCready Mindy McCready had a 10 year  affair. Question, WHO CARES?? This is just the latest attempt from Brian McNamee’s camp to smear Clemens name further. If this new information is accurate.. Maybe McNamee will regain some credit after Congress ripped him apart in February.

With Roger Clemens image already on shaky ground, even if these latest allegations aren’t true, he is still going to look bad. First the steroid allegations, now extra marital affairs? Considering for years Clemens has stated numerous times *My family comes first*. Honestly nothing that comes out of this soap opera known as Roger Clemens life surprises me anymore. Another spin on this could be some exposure for Mindy McCready, since she is trying to reestablish her music career. She also has a documentary, and TV series project in the works. McCready released this statement today. The fact that she says *I can’t refute anything in this story* is probably not going to help Clemens case any.

Chances are some of these allegations could be true. The fact that Clemens met McCready when she was 15 does raise some questions. Also there is word that Clemens has given McCready money to help her out with her legal problems, which I would assume happened during her *prescription fraud* troubles. This is something that can be easily dismissed or spun by the dream team as *a friend helping a friend in need*

It’s a damn shame that a legendary career turned in by one of the top 5 pitchers to every take the mound, has been flushed in the matter of 6 months. I wonder if Clemens is rethinking his original strategy about the way he handled all of this. Perhaps going on 60 minutes, making the rounds to meet with every congress member that would see him, and just being so public with  professing his innocence was not the best way to handle this. As time goes on, and more things turn up with each turn of the stone his image is becoming more and more tarnished.

Stay tuned, there is no telling what Episode 4 will bring us in *The Days Of Clemens Life*


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  1. Daaaaaamn…. she is looking ragged and rough… now i see why Dean dumped her…

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