Cowboys @ Carolina


Ok so since some of you out there may not have the NFL network and are unable to see the Cowboys/Panthers game.. I will give you updates 😉

Late in the first quarter.. Romo hits T.O. for a 10 yard Touch down pass.. Romo’s thumb still seems to be giving him problems… *sidenote* Cowboys drive was kept alive by a very generous spot on 4th and 1…  (Cowboys 7 Panthers 0)

7 minutes left in the second quarter Marion Barber scores with a 7 yard run.. (Cowboys 14 Panthers 0)

5:38 (Second Quarter) Matt Moore finds Steve Smith in corner of the endzone with a beautiful floater touchdown pass.. (Cowboys 14 Panthers 7) *sidenote* T.O. has left the field for X-Rays on his leg, after his leg was bent under him during a tackle..

2:oo (Second Quarter) Nick Folk hits a 42 yard field goal (Cowboys 17 Panther 7) *Sidenote* T.O. appears to be done for the night after X-Rays.. Left ankle issues

1:33 Matt Moore (Carolina) was picked off by Anthony Henry 

Due to poor clock management and a DUMB penalty on the offense.. Cowboys get no points off the turnover

HALFTIME (Cowboys 17 Panthers 7)

8:00 (Third Quarter) Panthers drive length of the field… and a 1st and goal on the 2, quickly became 4th and goal on the 13.. Casey (Panthers) hits a 37 yrd field goal (Cowboys 17 Panthers 10)

End of the (Third Quarter) What a friggin snoozer!

15:00 (Forth Quarter) Romo picked off by Davis (Carolina) *shakes head*

8:12 (Forth Quarter) Nick Folk makes a chip shot field goal (Cowboys 20 Carolina 10)

3:54 (Forth Quarter) Panthers moving.. Steve Smith goes down hard.. slow to get up.. looks like he came down on his shoulder hard.. Panthers 1st and Goal..

3:04 (Forth Quarter) Cowboys defense stands tough… Casey (Panthers) kicks a chip-shot field goal.. (Cowboys 20 Panthers 13)

2:00 Minute Warning (4th Quarter) Cowboys driving.. I have to go pick up the Hockey Guru.. *Sigh* His timing is wonderful as always! I will update the final when I get home..

I leave you with this.. The broadcast duo of Gumble/Collinsworth is enough for me NOT to pick up the phone and demand Time Warner carry the NFL network.. What a beating those two are!

Final Cowboys 20 Panthers 13


9 Responses

  1. You just now found out they suck? Especially Gumble! I could have told ya that, and I’m not even a fanatic. Heh!

  2. collinsworth is greatness…. gumble worries more about his golf handicap than knowing what teams are playing. please don’t blanket statement the booth sucking when only 1/2 of it blows.

    anyways, costly win… i only saw from the 2 minute warning of the 1st half due to wedding stuff… i wish matt moore was still on our roster though… i don’t even remeber who the boys 3rd qb is (beer > football trivia), but i understand the want for brad johnson as the 2nd string.

    good game carolina, you got screwed by the refs, but it wouldn’t have made much of a difference… get healthy and see ya next year… 1) it’ll be interesting to see what ya do in the draft…. 2) if you fire fox, you’ll be making a mistake and he’ll be hired in a new jersey minute by miami.

  3. […] Ick has some highlights, if ya care to check ‘em out.  All I wanted was the score: Dallas 30 – […]

  4. I am not too worried about the TO injury. The guy came back from a BROKEN leg to get into the Super Bowl for Philly. There is no way he misses the attention in the playoffs.

    I am feeling better and better about our playoff chances — especially if the Bears beat the Pack.

  5. Im not to worried about T.O.’s high ankle sprain.. rest him next week.. then the bye week.. he will be back.. Packers help us out with a loss today.. I know somewhere Sean is beside himself.. as The Bears made Farve their bitch today! 😉

  6. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

    I’m Out! 🙂

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